“Investment Promotion” launches “Invest Qatar” portal


The Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar launched the “Invest Qatar Portal”, the first digital platform dedicated to supporting investors in Qatar. This platform provides free online resources to foreign investors and companies in Qatar, facilitating the search for new business partners, business opportunities in the public and private sectors, as well as resources to support business development and expansion plans in Qatar. Investors can also explore current tenders and communicate with other members via this portal, as well as the Investor Relations team at the Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar; To obtain direct support in establishing and expanding businesses, companies and projects across various sectors.
Expanding its digital offerings for investor relations, the IPA-Qatar will also launch an additional initiative in the second quarter of this year, namely the “Access Qatar” initiative, which aims to facilitate foreign investors’ access to Qatar by helping to obtain On visas and entering the country, providing advisory services, assistance in establishing businesses, appropriate information for each project, opportunities to reduce costs, fast-track services at airports, and assistance through the “WhatsApp” application 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Sheikh Ali bin Alwaleed Al-Thani, CEO of the Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar, said: “Our new digital initiatives are the next step on our path towards providing an innovative and fully integrated digital ecosystem for investors seeking access to real business opportunities in our country. Each initiative targets a specific aspect of the investor’s experience, and aims to provide added value and further facilitation, starting from facilitating the entry of foreign investors into the Qatari market, to expanding the scope of commercial activities, and enhancing their connection to the local market. Our goal in launching these initiatives is to provide investors with the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions and achieve their goals with confidence. The Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar is dedicated to creating a business-friendly environment and providing comprehensive support services to investors throughout their investment journey.”
Supported by an innovative content management system and real-time insights, the main investment platform “Invest Qatar Portal” can be accessed through the website of the Qatar Investment Promotion Agency, which supports users in making informed decisions regarding their business and investments. The comprehensive directory of companies available through the platform gives users the opportunity to explore companies already in Qatar, request exposure to potential partners, and present the existing company or local activity to other companies and investors. This innovative system is part of the Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar’s continued commitment to innovation and digital transformation of the investment ecosystem in Qatar.
The Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar (IPA Qatar) oversees investment promotion activities under the brand “Invest Qatar” and acts as the national umbrella for attracting foreign direct investment. By coordinating closely with Qatari licensing platforms, IPA-Qatar helps companies boost their ambitions and achieve long-term success by offering support, advice and expertise.
The Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar aims to highlight the State of Qatar as an exceptional investment destination, introduce international investors to lucrative business opportunities, as well as advance the country’s economic development and achieve the goals of economic diversification.


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