Announcing the preliminary list of candidates for the Chamber’s Board of Directors


The Committee supervising the election of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Chamber, in its seventh session 2023, announced the initial list of candidates for the seats of the Board of Directors of the Chamber. On accepting applications submitted by the following candidates:
For the trade sector: Muhammad Mahdi Ajian Al Ahbabi, Rashid Hamad Hazaa Hamad Al Athbah, Muhammad Sultan Abdullah Al Ali, Khaled Klefikh Khaled Al Hajri, Muhammad Jawhar Saeed Muhammad Al Muhammad, Abdul Rahman Abdul Jalil Abdul Ghani Al Abdul Ghani, Muhammad Ali Iskandar, Ali Jassim Jabr Tawar Al-Kawari.
As for the contracting sector: Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad Ali Al-Obaidli, Nasser Suleiman Haidar Al-Haidar, Ahmed Muhammad Sultan Al-Jaber, Nasser Ahmed Al-Meer, Shaheen Muhammad Lahdan Al-Muhannadi, Ali Abdul-Latif Al-Misnad.
As for the industrial sector: Abdullah Muhammad Abdul Rahim Al-Emadi, Abdul Rahman Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Ansari, Fahd Muhammad Fahd Buzweer, Khaled Jabr Sultan Al-Kuwari, Ali Hassan Ibrahim Al-Emadi, Muhammad Talib Muhammad Al-Khoury.
And in the services sector: Ibtihaj Muhammad Ahmed Al-Ahmadani, and in the tourism sector: Sheikh Hamad Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed Al Thani.
As for the agricultural sector: Muhammad Ahmed Khalifa Al Tawar Al Kuwari. For the insurance sector: Sheikh Khalifa Jassim Mohammed Jassim Al Thani. As for the banking sector: Rashid Nasser Saree Al Kaabi.
The Committee emphasized that, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, a person whose candidacy application has been disqualified may grievance against the exclusion decision within three days from the date of his notification or knowledge of the exclusion decision. period without an implicit response to the grievance, and the Minister’s decision to decide on the grievance is final. The committee will announce the final list of candidates who will run in the chamber’s board of directors elections for the “seventh session-2023”, as soon as the grievances submitted are decided.
The committee notes that the process of electing the chamber’s board of directors will be within the chamber’s general assembly meeting, which will announce the date and place of its convening at least fifteen days before the date of the assembly.


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