Coronation invitation letter for Charles’s wife Camilla spelled ‘Queen’


Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarchy, has used the word “Queen” in front of his wife Camilla’s name in the invitation letter for the coronation ceremony of Britain’s King Charles III on May 6, and at the same time She has received official recognition as ‘Queen Camilla’.

Prior to this, Camilla had been addressed as Queen Consort, but in medieval-style invitations she was given the status of Queen. The invitations will be sent to more than 2,000 guests and were unveiled on Tuesday.

After the break-up of the marriage of the late Princess Diana and Charles III, Camilla was blamed for it and she had to face a lot of criticism because of it. In such a situation, this title means a lot to him.

His wife Camilla will also be coronated alongside Charles III on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

The palace announced on Tuesday ahead of the coronation that nine-year-old Prince George and Camilla, Charles’ eldest grandson, will be part of four ‘pages of honour’ walking alongside Charles. The ‘Page of Honour’ is a ceremonial position in the British Royal Household.


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