GST collection may be more than the target in Delhi


Delhi government’s coffers are getting filled with GST collection during the current financial year. The government may get more GST collection than the target in the year 2022-23.

The Delhi government has received 22 percent more GST in the month of February. The performance of the Delhi government in terms of GST collection is also good in the neighboring states.

Target 26 thousand crores, more likely to be achieved

The Delhi government had set a target of receiving Rs 26,000 crore as GST in the budget for the year 2022-23. According to an official of Delhi government, GST collection is getting very good this financial year.

The government has collected more than Rs 25,000 crore in GST till February itself. Accordingly, more than Rs 2,200 crore GST has been collected every month. GST collection is usually high in the month of March. Even if GST collection is done in March according to the average of Rs 2,200 crore so far, even then there can be more than Rs 27,000 crore GST collection this financial year. Obviously, the GST collection is expected to be about Rs 1,000 crore more than the target of Rs 26,000 crore for this financial year.

GST collection increased by 22 percent in February

The Delhi government has collected GST of about Rs 2,385 crore in the month of February for the year 2022-23, whereas in the same month of the year 2021-22, GST collection of Rs 1,960 crore was done. In this way, the Delhi government has received about 22 percent more GST this February than what it received in the month of February last year.

Delhi has also performed well in terms of GST collection among the neighboring states. In the neighboring states, the GST collection growth rate in February in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh was 14-14 per cent, which is less than the pace of GST collection in Delhi. However, the GST collection growth rate in Haryana was one percentage point higher than that of Delhi at 23 per cent.


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