Moscow hosts a concert of rapper Rich “Black on White”


A concert of rapper Rich “Black on White” took place in Moscow. On Saturday, March 4, Izvestia correspondent Oleg Baryshev visited the performance of the musician.

The concert program can be called a heart-to-heart conversation, where the musician shares his sore points, and irony can be called one of his favorite tricks.

In recent albums, the rapper increasingly raises military topics. Rich has been to Donbass many times bringing humanitarian aid. On these trips, he wrote songs that later became trench songs for the soldiers. What he saw in the Donbass was reflected in the work of the performer.

Victor Zarukhan came to the concert with an important mission – to get an autograph for his friend, a soldier, who is now in the hospital with a wound.

“I want, if possible, of course, that Rich gave an autograph, wished health to my friend, son-in-law. That’s just what he wrote, so that: “Koschei, get well soon,” he said.

The musician Richard Semashkov himself admits that the concert for him is “stress multiplied by a huge amount of joy.”

“Because this is the meaning of my life – to go out and tell what I wrote to people who understand what I’m talking about and empathize with me,” the rapper said.

Another concert of the musician will take place in St. Petersburg on Sunday, March 5, at the Cosmonaut. The musician will present to the public the hits “Dirty Work” and “Dance” and songs from the album “Culture of Cancellation”.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased at this link.

Earlier, on February 20, it was reported that rapper Rich recorded a video for the song “Field”, dedicated to those who remained to live in Russia. Prior to that, in February, Rich presented a new song “Prayer” dedicated to Donetsk. According to him, the confession song was written after a trip to Donetsk and Mariupol in August 2022.


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