Japan’s Treasury reports record trade deficit of $26 billion


Japan’s trade deficit in January amounted to a record 3.49 trillion yen (about $26 billion). This is stated in report according to trade statistics released by the Japanese Ministry of Finance on Thursday, February 16.

It is noted that in January 2022, the country’s trade deficit was 2.19 trillion yen. In general, in Japan, exports grew by 3.5% over the year, while imports grew by 17.8%.

On January 27, the Department of Oriental Studies at MGIMO Dmitry Streltsov, in an interview with Izvestia, emphasized that Japan’s sanctions on the import of high-tech products in the field of medicine, mining and robotics would be unpleasant for Russia, but not critical. The specialist explained that Moscow had already found other suppliers of necessary goods to replace Japanese ones.

Earlier, on December 29, the JB Press newspaper wrote that the trade turnover between Russia and Japan in 2022 equaled the previous year and exceeded the pre-sanctions record. Thus, Japan’s total exports amounted to 542.3 billion yen (about $4 billion) and 1.8252 trillion yen of imports ($13.5 billion).

The trade deficit in Japan then amounted to 1.2829 trillion yen ($9 billion). According to the publication, the import of used cars from Japan to Russia was in unprecedented demand.


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