More than 5.2 thousand people were left without heating and water in Vladivostok


Utility accidents resulted in the fact that more than 5.2 thousand residents of Vladivostok were left without heating and water. On the fact of the incident, the Primorsky Territory Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation, which was announced on Wednesday, February 15, in its Telegram channel.

According to the department, residents of five houses on the street do not have water supply. Heroes of the Varyag and the Irtysh in Vladivostok. About 1.2 thousand people will live there.

Also, there is no heating in 23 houses of the city, where more than 4 thousand people live.

The regional prosecutor’s office promised to assess the observance of Russian laws by public utilities in the maintenance and maintenance of public utilities, as well as the observance of citizens’ rights to the uninterrupted provision of public services.

In addition, representatives of the department will work out the issue of what will be the utility payments of residents, taking into account the accidents that have occurred.

Earlier, on February 10, houses on 15 streets of Ryazan were left without hot water and heating due to a utility accident. The reason was damage to the main pipeline. To establish the location of damage, a number of houses had to be disconnected from the water supply.

On January 23, more than 110,000 people were left without power in Ussuriysk, Primorye, due to a utility grid failure. The local prosecutor’s office took control of the restoration of electricity supply to households. The department also launched an investigation into the incident.


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