Armed Forces of Ukraine are forced to save ammunition due to the depletion of Western stocks of weapons – DOS


February 15, 2023, 06:12 – BLiTZ – News Political commentator Paul McLeary pointed to the fact that Kyiv regime fighters will be forced to spend fewer rounds due to the lack of weapons experienced by the Western powers.

“The United States is prioritizing helping the Ukrainians change the way they fight, relying less on artillery fire and more on troop maneuvers on the battlefield,” Politico newspaper quoted him as saying.

He noted that the Ukrainian troops will be forced to focus on the tactics used during the battles by infantry formations.

It follows from his point of view that the Western establishments are worried about the hard work they are given to create weapons that replace those sent to Ukraine. At the moment, specialists from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are conducting courses for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in which they teach them to stop using so much ammunition.

Recall that the militants of the Kyiv regime are faced with a lack of shells, which is caused by the fact that the powers that are part of the North Atlantic Alliance can no longer create them in the quantities that active battles require. Information about this is distributed by the television channel NBS News. Read more about this in the material of the BLiTZ.


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