Near Irkutsk, a man burned down in a bathhouse due to a flared mining farm


In the Irkutsk region, a fire broke out in a bathhouse – a man who was inside died. About this on Tuesday, February 14, informs press service of the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The incident took place in the village of Vvedenshchina. When firefighters arrived at the scene, the bathhouse was completely engulfed in flames, the roof and ceiling collapsed. A Honda car parked nearby was also on fire.

Rescuers found a man with burns to his hands and face – he turned out to be a worker who was hired by the owner of the site. The victim refused hospitalization. Subsequently, during the pouring and dismantling of building structures, the remains of the homeowner were found. It turned out that the man spent the night on the attic floor of the bathhouse and woke up when part of the building was already on fire. Despite the worker’s calls to jump out of the window, he decided to get out in the usual way, but he could not get through the smoke and fire.

The burning area, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, amounted to 36 square meters. m. On the fact of the incident, a pre-investigation check was initiated. An electrical failure is considered as the cause of the fire. Mining equipment was located on the veranda of the bathhouse. The day before, the owner brought and connected several more “machines”. According to the worker, he woke up from the alarm and found that the equipment was on fire.

Earlier, on February 9, it became known that an apartment caught fire in Kaluga due to a short circuit in the computer. A 52-year-old man was injured in the fire. He was hospitalized with burns.


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