Named the cheapest areas with new buildings in Moscow and St. Petersburg


In January 2023, the lowest cost per square meter in a studio in a Moscow new building was in the Mitino area and amounted to 225 thousand rubles. This is evidenced by the results of a study by the Yandex Real Estate service, the results of which were reviewed by Izvestia.

Also, the top three districts with the cheapest square meter in the studio included the Yaroslavl district and the Chertanovo Yuzhnoye district, where prices amounted to 236 thousand rubles and 258 thousand rubles, respectively.

Analysts recorded the most expensive new buildings in Moscow in the Dorogomilovsky district, where the price per square meter reached about 614 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the cheapest studios in new buildings in St. Petersburg were observed in Shushary (177 thousand rubles), Pargolovo (178 thousand rubles) and municipal district No. 54 (185 thousand). The most expensive studios in January were located in the Petrovsky district, where the average cost of one square meter was 398 thousand rubles.

The cheapest one-room apartments in new buildings in Moscow were in the Moskovsky settlement (215 thousand rubles) in New Moscow, as well as in Mitino (221 thousand) and Altufevsky district, where one square meter was sold for 225 thousand rubles.

In St. Petersburg, in turn, the cheapest odnushki were observed in Shushary (154 thousand), Pargolovo (154 thousand), as well as in the People’s District (158 thousand rubles). The most expensive one-room apartments were on Aptekarsky Island (552 thousand rubles).

Earlier, on February 5, it became known that the number of apartments in new buildings for sale in Moscow increased by more than 30% compared to January 2022. Experts attributed this to both the high pace of construction in the post-pandemic period and the relatively restrained demand.


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