After NMD Ukraine will unite with Russia and Belarus – Ex-deputy of the Rada Oleinik


February 14, 2023, 15:22 – BLiTZ – News On the evening of February 13, at the pre-season training camp in Turkey, a mass brawl took place between Russian and Ukrainian football players. The conflict began with the provocations of the players of the Transcarpathian football club, who asked why the Russians did not take to the squares to protest against their government, and then tried to force them to sing the Ukrainian anthem and shout extremist pro-Ukrainian slogans.

Volodymyr Oleinik, a former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, spoke about the future of further relations between the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, as well as what will be the fate of the neighboring state after the end of the special military operation, in an interview with the BLiTZ.

“Ukraine will be preserved as a state, but at the same time re-established”

“The fate of Ukraine will be decided by the winner. If it is Russia (and I believe it will be), then I think that, most likely, Ukraine will be preserved as a state, but at the same time re-established. With what she has already lost, the issue is resolved – Vladimir Putin also talks about this, ”said Oleinik.

The politician recalls who decided the fate of Europe and, in particular, Poland, after the Second World War: these were the three leaders of the world’s leading victorious states in that war, within the framework of the Yalta Conference – the head of the USSR Stalin, the head of the United States Roosevelt and the head of Great Britain Churchill. By analogy, now the fate of Ukraine will be decided by Russia, Oleinik is sure.

“You must protect your land – then it will not be necessary to mourn it. And Crimea had to be protected, not a coup d’état”

“Ukraine will be re-established on a new territory. You don’t have to be so naive to think that the lost territories will be returned. You must protect your land – then it will not need to be mourned. And Crimea had to be protected, not a coup d’état. And Donbass, and Khersonk, and Zaporozhye regions. But Ukraine will still remain, ”the expert said.

The DOS interlocutor recalled that Ukraine is one of the countries that has a voice in the UN, and this is the first reason why the state will not disappear from the world map. The second reason is that the purpose of Ukraine, in his opinion, is that it understands that it is impossible to survive in this world on its own, which means that it is necessary to unite.

“No one in Europe has been waiting for us and is not waiting for us, and we will not get into any European Union. Because the same EU adopted resolutions limiting the development of Ukraine. For example, they banned the development of mechanical engineering. They said “no” and that’s it. Like, everything you need, we already produce, and you buy it. So we have to move in the other direction. For example, I think that Ukraine will initiate the unification of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia into a single union with very deep integration,” Oleynik believes.

According to him, this will give the economy an opportunity for the development of industry, and it will also be possible to restore the construction of aircraft at the Antonov plant. And this will already be a source of filling the budget, creating jobs and restoring Ukraine.

Earlier, Volodymyr Oleinik, in an interview with the BLiTZ, commented on the attack of Ukrainian football players on Russians in a Turkish hotel, calling their action “pure fascism.”


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