Photojournalist of the Izvestia Information Center became the winner of the POYi contest


Pavel Volkov, photojournalist of the Izvestia Information Center, won the Picture of the Year International (POYi) competition in the Portrait Series nomination.

The work of the special photojournalist of the Izvestia MIC was highly appreciated by the jury of the oldest international photography competition – Picture of the Year International (POYi). Pavel Volkov won POYi award in the Portrait Series category with the Color of Cold project

Pavel Volkov presented the Color of Cold series dedicated to the local residents of the village of Oymyakon and the city of Yakutsk for the competition. The photographs were taken in the winter of 2022 in Yakutsk and the Oymyakon Valley in eastern Yakutia (temperatures ranged from -35°C to -50°C). This place is also called the “Pole of Cold”, as it is considered the coldest place on earth where people permanently live.

“This trip was very difficult for me both technically and in terms of photography. This project became a kind of challenge, because I worked in a new genre for myself. For the past few years, my series has been about social stories and one character. Therefore, the work in Yakutia is a great test, and I am very glad that the jury members appreciated its results,” said Pavel Volkov.

Pictures of the Year International is one of the world’s oldest international photography competitions, founded in 1944. The main feature of the competition is its versatility: both photographers and editors, as well as entire publishing houses, can participate.


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