Polish politicians sold their souls to scam grand master


Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast, an infamous cryptocurrency scammer who has cheated hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world with his fake ‘YEM coin’, is not set to scam people in Poland, in the European Union, African continent and the Middle East through a fraudulent venture named ‘Green Zero Park’, which is a fictitious venture of his another scamming company named ‘Green Zero Foundation’. And this time, very unfortunately, several politicians in Lublin province in Poland have sold their souls to this notorious scam cartel and are extending fullest cooperation to Dan Settgast and his cohorts in swindling tons of cash from the Polish people.

Meanwhile, a section of politicians in Lublin, a province in Poland are mad at journalists for questioning the integrity of photovoltaic farm or a photovoltaic solar power station on approximately 500 hectors of land designed to supply power in national grid. As per a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the authorities a so-called GreenZero Foundation, in the second phase, factories were proposed to be set-up in the “zero emission park”.

Serialized reports published in the Dziennik Wschodni exposing untold fact about people behind GreenZero Foundation, resulted in a section of Lublin politicians finally realizing, they had fallen into the trap of scammers; majority of the politicians, including Voivodeship Marshall Jarosław Stawiarski are desperate in somehow helping the scammers in accomplishing their evil agenda, as according to our own source, Marshall Jarosław Stawiarski is going to get large amount of cash as “kickback” from the ringleaders of the Green Zero Foundation scam gang.

According to our own source, although Senator Jacek Bury handed over a report about this dangerous scam attempt with the Internal Security Agency, there is no initiative from the agency to investigate the matter.

Immediately after inking the MoU, which was signed by the authorities of the voivodeship, city and commune of Kraśnik and the Lublin University of Technology on August 24, 2022, a press release was sent by the Marshall’s office to the media outlets, which read that the GreenZero Park would be built in Kraśnik poviat was going to be the “world’s first model project of this type”, and the “priority part of the investment was the creation of a photovoltaic farm. In the next stages, factories were to be “set up” in the zero-emission park”.

At this stage, investigative journalist Agnieszka Mazuś started getting suspicious at the huge size of the project, while Mazuś already came to know – the investor of this project was not having any previous experience or had never done any of such projects anywhere in the world. As Agnieszka Mazuś started asking questions about the mysterious GreenZero Foundation to the signatories of the MoU, they failed to answer. President of Green Zero Foundation, Bruno Koschoreck had also gone totally silent.

According to Agnieszka Mazuś, correspondent of the Dziennik Wschodni, Lublin’s largest Polish-language newspaper, a five-member delegation from the GreenZero Foundation visited Kraśnik for the first time, during spring. At that time, they told the Polish counterpart that they were considering investing in other European countries but ultimately selected Poland.

The fifth signatory of the MoU is Jarosław Stawiarski of the Lublin University of Technology. When Mazus asked, how Stawiarski got into it, she replied: “I don’t know, I just signed. Please ask Wilk, Chapski and Koschorek [about it].

But the university has a different version.

Talks on cooperation with the GreenZero Foundation were initiated by the Marshal’s Office this spring. The final part was signing of a letter of intent in August – replies Iwona Czajkowska-Deneka, spokeswoman for the Lublin University of Technology. And she adds: “We sign several dozen such letters of intent throughout the year. Only a small percentage of them find their end in later activities”.

The foundation itself insisted on signing such a letter. – They made such a proposal to the marshal, because his participation in the project is necessary said Romuald Bogusz, who acts as a liaison between the foundation and the company that wants to put up panels in the fields, and local government officials from Kraśnik.

The power line of GPZ Budzyń from Kraśnik to Wrotków requires reconstruction. We are meeting in PGE on this matter in a moment. That is why it was important to meet all parties beforehand – he explained.

The president of the foundation does not answer any of the journalists’ questions. He only thanks for his “keen interest” and announces “launching a press portal” about his projects. He also announces a press conference “in the near future”.

Agnieszka Mazuś, journalist of the Dziennik Wschodni gives a shocking information about the foundation. According to her, the GreenZero Foundation was incorporated on July 22, 2022 in Nevada, USA. The letter of intent with the marshal, which mentions investments of PLN 5 billion (approximately 1 billion Euro) in GreenZero Park in Kraśnik, was signed on August 24. The domain of the foundation was bought in May. On the foundation’s website, in addition to general data, there is a list of 30 partners – companies and other organizations that support the Green Zero Foundation, which includes YEM Foundation and Polish Wind Power. GreenZero’s board of directors includes Bruno Koschoreck (president of the foundation), Maxwell R. Damboise and Sascha Reckert.

Green Zero Foundation (Entity number E24970312022-1) is a domestic non-profit corporation (82) which was formed on July 22, 2022. The NV business ID number is NV20222525563. Jurisdiction of operation of this non-profit is Nevada, USA, while it has a virtual office at 304 S JONES BLVD, Las Vegas, NV, 89107, USA (not any office of its own). Individual with authority to act of this Green Zero Foundation is Kayleigh Miles.

In the same address, there is another entity named ‘YEM Foundation’, which also is registered as a Nonprofit Corporation # E0553072017-8 under the Laws of Nevada, USA. According to information, YEM Foundation was registered on November 27, 2017. Members of this YEM Foundation are:Dan Settgast aka Daniel Settgast, Jorge Sebastiao, Alon Basis, Amante C Elnar, Andrew Reid, Dr Emmanuel Nwachukwu, Dr Henry Mbidde, Empress Namagembe, Magdalene Lora Bilger, Martha I Castano Rodas, Maxwell R Damboise and Michael Anthony Debias.

Meaning all of the above-named individuals are very much involved with the Green Zero Foundation. And what is wrong in that? Here are series of information on the notorious scammers and fraudsters of YEM Foundation. It actually is a web of scam, fraud and criminal activities.

Scammers scheduled to visit Lublin on October 20

According to sources, members of the Green Zero Foundation scam racket are scheduled to visit Lublin in Poland on October 20, 2022 and face local media through a press conference. Voivodeship Marshall Jarosław Stawiarski is also going to attend this press conference with the mission of helping members of the Green Zero Foundation scam racket, and he may even stop journalists from asking essential questions. But of course, some of the Lublin journalists are surely going to ask the following questions:

As Green Zero Foundation promises of investing one billion euro in the ‘Green Zero Park’ project, do they have certificate issued by world’s top-5 banks to prove they really have that much of money in their bank accounts?

According to our opinion, none of the members of Green Zero Foundation can even show just 100 million dollars in any of the Top-5 banks.

Lublin journalists may also ask Dan Settgast about his fake YEM coin and fictitious Bank Bene Merenti. Dan Settgast claims, Bank Bene Merenti is the “Central Bank” of the “sovereign order”.

Journalists can ask – what is sovereign order? There is no country or so-called sovereign order named Bene Merenti anywhere in the world. In fact, Bene Merenti is a cooperative society registered in Latvia and it even does have any office of its own. This is just another fake venture of Dan Settgast or any of his crime partners.

Then the Polish journalists can ask Dan Settgast about his ‘YEM Foundation’. In fact, YEM Foundation is a non-profit registered in Nevada, USA. Is has no legal right to sell any cryptocurrency. Lublin journalists can also check this matter with the US embassy in Warsaw or consulate in Lublin.

In my opinion, for the sake of saving the residents of Lublin from being scammed by Dan Settgast and other members of Green Zero Foundation, Poland’s Internal Security Agency should interrogate the members of this fraudulent foundation when they visit Poland on October 20.


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