Anti-state cyberterrorist Hasina Akhter, profile of a nasty woman


While under the strong leadership and far-sightedness of the ruling Awami League government and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh is being applauded as a developing star in the world; war criminals and their allies are constantly attempting to hinder the country’s development, destroy it’s industries sector and turn Bangladesh into a dysfunctional and failed state. With such a heinous agenda, cohorts of anti-liberation forces, sitting in foreign lands are plotting conspiracies and spreading vile propaganda against Bangladesh, ruling Awami League, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and other esteemed individuals. This anti-state nexus is using social media platforms, such as Facebook and video-sharing platforms such as YouTube are has been anonymously targeting the government, Prime Minister, Bangabandhu, family members of the Father of the Nation, political figures, high-ranking government officials, eminent businessmen and patriotic media personalities who are in favor of Bangladesh and against those reprobate anti-state elements.

Lone agenda of those anti-state elements is to tarnish the image of the ruling Awami League government, as those anti-Bangladesh elements want to push the country towards a Taliban-type cruel Islamist rule or caliphate.

According to media reports, children of war criminals, dismissed military officers, fugitive leaders of BNP & Jamaat and some so-called journalists who fled Bangladesh and took refuge in the UK, USA, Sweden, Canada, and Australia are working with the notorious goal of turning Bangladesh into a sanctuary of terrorists and militants.

It may be mentioned here that, majority of these ant-Bangladesh propagandists have made such notorious actions as their only source of earnings.

These cyberterrorists and open enemies of Bangladesh are making financial gains through creating audio-video contents filled with bogus and false information, doctored pictures and later circulating those on social media platforms. Absence of accountability on such platforms is making these notorious individuals and groups increasingly reckless every day. Social media and video-sharing platforms are becoming most effective tools to these agents of terrorism and militancy. Despite such darkness of odds, there certainly is a silver-line. Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly and dedicatedly in combating these evil cyberterrorists, while there is possibility of taking help from the INTERPOL in nabbing these culprits and sending them back to Bangladesh. It is essential to mention here that, majority of the people in Bangladesh have already rejected these gangs of cyberterrorists and there already is strong public demand for legal action against these criminals. Amongst these anti-Bangladesh cyberterrorists names of Tasneem Khalil, a self-proclaimed anarchist and atheist who has taken refuge in Sweden; Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami, a self-styled journalist, street-snatcher, thief, drug-trafficker who being expelled from Hungary is now seeking asylum in Britain; Delowar Hussain, a sacked military officer and a sexual pervert; Shahid Uddin Khan, an INTERPOL-wanted convicted terror-funder and money-launderer, who also is in the UK; Lt Col Mustafizur Rahman, who is now in the US and considered as one of the masterminds behind the Holey Artisan Café jihadist attack in Dhaka (Bangladesh); Nazmus Saquib, a proven extortionist, fake gay who currently is in the US; Tito Rahman, a former cadre of Jamaat-e-Islami with connections with Al Qaeda; Kanak Sarwar, a Jamaat-funded propagandist, former pimp and extortionist; and Hasina Akhter, a call-girl in London and concubine of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)’s mini boss Tarique Rahman are to be mentioned.

According to credible sources, Hasina Akhter is known within Bangali community in the UK as a call girl and concubine of Tarique Rahman is one of the most infamous anti-Bangladesh cyberterrorists. It is also rumored that Hasina Akhter is one of the key cashiers of Tarique Rahman’s secret cash as she is one of the most trusted cohorts of this self-exiled convicted individual.

The source further said, on a number of occasions, there had been quarrel between Hasina Akhter and Tarique Rahman’s wife Jobaida Rahman, as it was whispered that Tarique has fathered Hasina Akhter’s only son.

According to information, cyberterrorist Hasina Akhter is continuing vile propaganda against Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, ruling Awami League and patriotic civil-military officers through 5-6 LIVE shows on Facebook and YouTube channel. It is also rumored that many BNP leaders have to pay Hasina Akhter for inviting them into her Facebook and YouTube shows, as she is not only a concubine of Tarique Rahman, she also is the mother of his illegitimate child.

It is also learnt that Hasina Akhter’s paper-husband Reza Ahmed Faysal Chowdhury Shoaib is aware of his wife’s illicit relations with Tarique Rahman. He even knows that the biological father of their only child is Tarique. There also is whispers about similarity in physical appearance of Hasina Akhter’s son and Tarique Rahman.

Hasina Akhter was born in Noakhali district in Bangladesh.


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