Exposing the masterminds behind anti-Dubai propaganda


Hundreds of newspapers and news portals are copying BBC’s fierce propaganda content centering Sheikha Latifa Bint Al-Maktoum, who also is known as Princess Latifa. Major search engine Google has been prominently showing news contents under the titled of ‘Dubai ruler’s daughter claims she was held hostage’, since BBC had released a video statement of Princess Latifa, while British newspapers have been leading the race with dozens of tabloid-styled stories on this issue.

BBC leading propaganda warfare against Dubai

Britain is infamous for inviting dirty money from around the world, while it also is known as one of the safe havens of radical Islamic militancy groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood and Hizbut Tahrir. Billions of dollars have been dumped into Britain from various countries around the world, mostly by criminals, drug-dealers, arms-dealers, corrupt individuals and terror-financiers. London has already emerged into the capital of dirty money as well as criminal activities.

Couple of years ago, Jordanian king Abdullah’s half-sister Princess Haya landed in London after fleeing Dubai with millions of dollars, most of which she had stolen from her husband and the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Why Princess Haya fled Dubai

According to credible sources, prior to fleeing Dubai, Princess Haya was caught on a number of times of maintaining illicit relations with several men, including a British national named Russell Flowers.

Princess Haya, the sixth wife of the ruler of Dubai, paid her British bodyguard lover £1.2 million to keep quiet about their two-year affair and the luxury gifts she gave him including a £12,000 watch and vintage shotgun, the Mail Online reported.

Princess Haya is the sixth wife of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and is said to have “seduced” the 37-year-old Russell Flowers.

Flowers served in the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment for five years. He began working full time for the princess in 2016 and escorted her on many trips abroad. This illicit affair ended Flowers’s four-year marriage. According to media reports, Flowers’ wife had accused Princess Haya of seducing her husband and abusing him in meeting her sexual desire.

Princess Haya’s illicit and indecent relations with Russel Flowers first came into the knowledge of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum during the end of 2018. At that time, the Dubai ruler also sensed his sixth wife was stealing significant amount of cash on a regular basis.

Prior to fleeing from Dubai, Princess Haya had approached Princess Latifa, who is a troubled lady with mental issues, and had promised of letting her too join Haya and flee Dubai. As Princess Latifa trusted Haya, the shrewd Jordanian princess took several pre-scripted videos of Princess Haya and falsely portrayed her of being held into isolation in a “villa jail”. But, a credible source in Dubai told this newspaper that there is no such jail inside any of the villas in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. The entire story had actually been made up by Princess Haya as part of her evil agenda of blackmailing the Dubai ruler and extort at least 8 billion dollars.

Princess Haya had even secretly sent a fake scoop to some of the news outlets in Britain claiming her boyfriend Russell Flowers had died in a road accident in April 2020. This news was not covered by most of the mainstream news outlets but a YouTube vlogger.

Princess Haya misled Mary Robinson

On her arrival in London, Princess Haya had misled several people, including her friend Mary Robinson. In an interview with BBC on February 16, 2021, Ms. Robinson said, Princess Haya and she were “tricked by the Sheikh [Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum] on Princess Latifa case. This was for the first time after December 24, 2018, Mary Robinson had shifted her statement. It was clearly understood that Princess Haya has actually misled Ms. Robinson with utter lies about the Dubai ruler as well as many other issued centering the Dubai royal family.

Tiina Jauhiainen and her lies

Although Finnish national and a known scammer Tiina Jauhianen had released a video of Princess Latifa and claimed she was in regular contact with the Dubai princess since early 2019, the video actually was made by Princess Haya before she fled Dubai. Tiina or any of her cohorts had never been in contact with Princess Latifa, nor they had ever told of such contacts in the past. The reality is – Princess Haya had paid substantial amount of cash to Tiina Jauhianen and her cohort David Haigh for running false propaganda against Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Maktoum. Accordingly, they have passed the video to BBC and a number of news outlets. But BBC did not feel the necessity of proving if Tiina and David truly had any communication with Princess Latifa. Instead, they are running series of reports based on Tiina’s false information.


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