Anti-vaccine false propaganda on YouTube continues


When government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has successfully received coronavirus vaccines from India, vested interest groups, mostly affiliated with BNP-Jamaat nexus have started nefarious propaganda against the vaccine with the agenda of spreading wrong perception about the COVID-19 vaccines. Although most of the social media and vide sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are strong combating such adverse propaganda against COVID-19 vaccines, similar propaganda contents posted by some fugitive Bangladesh nationals from the US are yet to be taken down.

Anti-COVID vaccine propaganda on YouTube

Our reporters have found, a fugitive named Kanak Sarwar posted a content on one of his many YouTube channels on January 30, 2021, where he has on purpose provided false information on the COVID-19 vaccine, which Bangladesh has purchased from Serum Institute India. In the YouTube content caption ‘করোনার টিকা না টিকার পরীক্ষা? জীবন আপনার বুঝে-শুনে টিকা নিন’ (Corona vaccine or Test vaccines? Life is yours, take vaccines only after knowing things), Kanak Sarwar has presented imaginary disinformation with the nefarious intention of making people scared, which would result in prolonging of the pandemic period in Bangladesh. It may be mentioned here that, Kanak, a lapdog of BNP and Jamaat is living in the United States with false pretexts with financial support from anti-Bangladesh quarters, corrupt individuals, convicted fugitives as well as some leaders of Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat e Islami. He and his cohorts, through YouTube channels have been also giving instigations to people in launching anarchism and terrorist activities against the elected government in Bangladesh. In a number of such video contents, Kanak Sarwar and his patrons are seen asking people to “wage armed war” against the ruling party in Bangladesh, while in some of the videos, he and his cohorts even have given dangerous provocation of murder and destruction of public and private properties.

Cybercrime through YouTube and social media

Commenting on such notorious activities of Kanak Sarwar and few more fugitive Bangladesh nationals in the US and few other western countries, cyber crime experts said, while in the very recent past Twitter and Facebook had banned the accounts of a sitting president, why they are reluctant in taking similar measures against Kanak Sarwar and other cyber criminals like him, who are using social media as well as video sharing platforms in spreading their criminal propaganda.

The experts said, social media platforms are regularly combating any adverse propaganda related to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine. They must immediately take down Kanak Sarwar’s YouTube and social media accounts and permanently ban him from the social media and video sharing platforms.

Commenting on Kanak Sarwar’s illegal activities and cyber crime on the social media and video sharing platforms, several experts said, under the existing law of the United States, Canada, Britain and other western nations, such activities as that of Kanak Sarwar and others are deemed as illegal and punishable crime. For committing such crimes, Kanak Sarwar and others can face deportation.

Bangladeshi products advertising on Kanak’s contents

It was found that several Bangladeshi companies have surprisingly placed advertisements on Kanak Sarwar’s propaganda video against COVID-19 vaccine on YouTube. Placing advertisements on any anti-Bangladesh video content can also be deemed as punishable offense and government can take stern actions against those Bangladeshi companies and products which are patronizing Kanak Sarwar’s notorious actions by placing advertisements.


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