Sheikh Hasina deserves our gratitude and appreciation


While majority of the countries in the world, including the United States, Britain and the EU nations are already horrified thinking of the massive economic challenges during the post-pandemic period – which according to economic experts, may continue for years, Bangladesh is going to recover faster than its Asian peers because of improving exports, growth in domestic consumption and remittance inflow. Meanwhile, because of political stability and excellent investment policies adopted by the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, a large number of Chinese companies are shifting their manufacturing facilities to Bangladesh. With such a great news about Bangladesh’s success in maintain economic progress even during the pandemic, the government has also shown another massive success by bringing in COVID-19 vaccines from India – much earlier than many of the Asian nations.

When the entire world, including our neighboring India were competing in increasing the period of lockdown by spreading fear of virus transmission amongst the people – it was our Prime Minister, who had asked the people to have courage and face the challenge with utmost confidence. She also explained the nation about the massive economic risk of prolonging the lockdown. It is because of the magnanimous leadership quality of our most adored Prime Minister; the nation resumed the economic activities by maintaining necessary health safety measures. When Bangladesh now is being already seen by most of the global economic pundits as a victor during and after the pandemic, many nations in the world, including our neighboring India are already feeling terrified with its economy already suffering and the upcoming recession during the post-pandemic period. Amongst the western nations, Britain in particular will also be facing severe economic catastrophe, which will be a result of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s whimsical prolonging of lockdown, when even experts are seeing a fast decline in the rate of COVID-19 transmission throughout the world. Possibly, Johnson’s decision to result in extreme economic crisis, recession, unemployment and a total chaotic future for the UK.

Thank you very much Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina!

Our adored Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, most appropriately deserve praise. When so many countries in the world are still without vaccines with no idea about when they will get their supply – our Prime Minister’s magnanimous leadership qualities have succeeded in making COVID-19 vaccine available for the nation. This grand success has even been praised by most of those anti-government newspapers in Bangladesh, as they too now realize – for a country like Bangladesh, we are fortunate of having a leader like Sheikh Hasina. We feel proud of our Prime Minister, and of course, we pray to the Almighty Allah for her long life and good health.

Sheikh Hasina succeeded in getting COVID-19 vaccine for her nation at a very crucial time, when most of the leaders in Italy, Spain, France, the European Union and even several wealthy nations in Asia and the Middle East are complaining about AstraZeneca’s failure to live up to their contractual terms and failing to deliver the required quantity of vaccines on time. The European governments have failed to provide timely vaccines in sufficient quantity for the safety and security of their population. British government has not only miserably failed to ensure vaccine for their nation, they also have destroyed country’s economic prospect by madly prolonging the lockdown with fear-mongering formula. European nations will one day blame their governments and politicians for their failure in getting required quantity of vaccines on time. They will possibly come on the streets protesting Boris Johnson’s wrong decision of prolonging the lockdown. Of course, that will only increase their sufferings and economic crisis.

We sincerely hope, distribution of vaccines and vaccination of the people of Bangladesh now will continue smoothly, while we also hope – private companies like Beximco Pharmaceuticals will make the vaccines available in the market for those who can buy it aside from free vaccines provided by the government to the masses. For the government alone, it may not be possible to vaccinate the huge population within next six months. To make things easier, private-level availability of the COVID-19 vaccine is also a necessity.


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