Some Hindus hiding behind the fraud blanket of secularism


Purnima Nath

Ghulam Muhiyuddin Ahmed, known widely as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (a pen name), A STAUNCH MUSLIM was appointed (by the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru) as the FIRST EDUCATION MINISTER of freshly divided India after a cruel period of horrific communal hatred displayed by the Muslims who demanded a separate independent Muslim state pushed by All India Muslim League and conveniently JUST AWARDED by the British.

YES, the people and the country that lost land to the Muslim supremacy, YET gave them the full rights to live in India freely (if they choose to rather than in their newly created heaven of Independent Muslim State of Pakistan), who never interfered in Muslim community affairs and their accelerated growth in all fields (Education, Academia, Media, Politics, Religious and so on – celebrated, appreciated and rewarded in India) are today maligned by the same community. THIS IS AFTER INDIA WAS PARTITIONED BASED ON RELIGION. IRONY? Hindus are expected to watch helplessly and collect brownie point AWARDS FOR BEING ‘TOLERANT’ & ‘NONVIOLENT’. India is one democratic country, where a majority religion/faith is constantly shamed, attacked, threatened, and intimidated by the so-called minority community through politics, media, and academia [for whom the country’s land was divided]. This article is not about Maulana Azad, but if you take time to understand who Azad is, I am confident that you will sense the intricacies of global politics that are being played under the guise of religion.


Born in Makkah (Mecca), November 11, 1888 (Ottoman Empire), Maulana Sayyid Ghulam Muhiyuddin Ahmed Bin Khairuddin Al Hussaini to a Bengali Muslim family who left India and settled in Makkah during the 1857 rebellion against the British in India. His education primarily was dictated by his religious father, as Maulana Khairuddin was strictly opposed to modern education. His father was confident that his son(s) will continue to propagate Islam. In 1905, his father sent him to the Islamic University of Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt for two years. After his father’s death, once they moved to Kolkata (Calcutta), Al Hussaini was raised by his maternal grandfather, in Delhi. He was sent to haram sharif for Qerat for reading and chanting Qur’an lessons. Al Hussaini, later known as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (he added Azad = ‘independence’ with his name), was a home-schooled and self-taught intellectual, fluent in Arabic (as the first language), Bengali, and Persian. He was trained in Sunni Islamic schools (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbali fiqh, Sharia’t), mastering Hadith, Qur’an, and other Islamic religious literature by the tutors hired by his family (as opposed to the modern education, a path laid out by his father). “A person of the caliber of Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras”, Azad was decorated with refreshing titles such as an intellectual scholar, educationalist, and fearless journalist. You will also find that Azad is portrayed as a staunch nationalist, who envisioned a United India, and was against India-Pakistan division. We will further look at the contradictions of those claims and reality.


1905 Division of Bengal:

It is important to understand the historical context. We all know, the British were cheaters and ruled by “divide and conquer” cheap tactics. But it worked for them brilliantly, unlocking massive opportunities to gain power over the Indian region. Moving on, the first crack happened in 1905 when cunning British Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India, divided Bengal (large Hindu western area vs large Muslim eastern area) along the line of religion. However, the primary reason given was much different. Curzon claimed, Bengal was too large to govern. In reality, it was to weaken Bengal province. Although the move was appreciated by the Muslims as the division was separating the majority Hindu region from the majority Muslim region, overall the act was condemned and finally, the division was nullified. Ironically, this remained as the permanent fracture which will never heal. Ultimately causing the ever-lasting cancerous wound for India in 1947, when Muslims successfully propagated the two-nation theory and divided India by drawing lines through Bengal and Punjab (the two important provinces of undivided India).

1906 All India Muslim League & Aligarh Muslim University:

In 1906, the All India Muslim League founded by Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Aga Khan (in Decca, currently DHAKA, Bangladesh) then pushed the two-state theory which was originally proposed and pushed by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who founded Aligarh Muslim University in 1875. In the 1888 speech, Sir Syed uttered “In whose hands shall the administration and the Empire of India rest? Now, suppose that all English, and the whole English army, were to leave India, taking with them all their cannon and their splendid weapons and everything, then who would be rulers of India? Is it possible that under these circumstances two nations — the Mahomedans and the Hindus — could sit on the same throne and remain equal in power? Most certainly not. It is necessary that one of them should conquer the other and thrust it down. To hope that both could remain equal is to desire the impossible and the inconceivable.” Therefore, Aligarh Muslim University & All India Muslim League became the primary driving force behind the division of India and creation of Pakistan as a Muslim State in 1947.

1919 Khilafat Andolan (Movement):

When the Ottoman Empire fell after World War I, do you know who raised the loudest voice? IT WAS MUSLIMS OF THEN BRITISH INDIA. Surprised? YES, in 1919, the Khilafat movement, a pan-Islamist political campaign, launched by the Muslims of British India to restore the caliph of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was considered as the supreme leader of the political and religious authority of Sunni Muslims around the world. Azad was a leader of the Khilafat movement. In 1920, Khilafat Manifesto by the All India Khilafat Committee called upon the British to protect the Ottoman caliphate. It was a uniting body for creating agitation by all Muslims (ESSENTIALLY, the primary goal was to strengthen the Muslims of India). Quite INTERESTINGLY, in 1920, Khilafat movement leaders also made an alliance with the Indian National Congress (then the party of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru) under the guise to fight together to get rid of the British from the land of India. Drawing your attention that, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was part of (1) the Indian National Congress party (AIM – freedom of India from British) and (2) the Khilafat Movement (AIM – protect the Sunni Ottoman Empire) – both with seemingly different goals. BUT, Azad was much more farsighted than that. Indian Muslims worship M.K. Gandhi (check this lovely article written in a Pakistani newspaper), without whom the India-Pakistan division would have been impossible.

19th Century Background of the Ottoman Empire:

Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II (1842-1918) launched the Pan-Islamists program in a bid to protect Ottoman Empire from western attack. Jamaluddin Afghani, Sultan’s emissary, was sent to India in the 19th century. As mentioned above, the Ottoman Sultan, a caliph, was considered the supreme religious and political leader of all Sunni Muslims across the world. Amusingly enough, even today, young minds in Indian schools are taught that Khilafat Andolan was for Azadi (freedom) struggles of India from the British. The real truth is being hidden from our history books. Have you heard about “Tera Mera Rishta Kya? La Ilaha Illa Allah” [NONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE WORSHIPPED BUT ALLAH] slogan recently? Turns out, it was not so recent slogan! The connection is much deeper – did you know it was from the 1919 Khilafat movement? Would you still say Hindus & Muslims were focused on the SAME GOAL? The true cause of the Khilafat Andolan is still alive in India. You just have to open your eyes to developments between Pakistan and Turkey. Today, Islamist political leaders are slowly carving out pockets of mini-Pakistan out of the present Indian region and the long term goal of Ghazwa-E-Hind is active. #ShaheenBagh2019 against anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) = #Khilafat1919.


It is quite fascinating to note that, “they” tell us, Azad was not in favor of the division. But what they don’t tell us is the true reason for that glorified wish. Let us see. Remember, earlier I noted that, Makkah, Medina, Jerusalem was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire when Azad was born in Makkah. Raised with strict Islamic studies in Sunni Islamic schools on Indian soil, Azad’s world view was rooted in Qur’an, Hadith & Sharia’t (by the book). For a Muslim, religious interest comes first. Everything else is secondary. Excerpts from the 27TH OCTOBER 1914 KOLKATA SPEECH rather gives us a chilling glimpse of the Islamic mindset and goals. There is more than meets the eye. There is more than what has been fed to us.

“If even a grain of the soul of Islam is alive among its followers, then I should say that if a thorn gets stuck in a Turk’s sole in the battlefield of war, then I swear by the God of Islam, no Muslim of India can be a Muslim until he feels that prick in his heart instead of sole because the Millat-e-Islam (the global Muslim community) is a single body.” Azad stated to clarify the Ottoman Empire’s position for every Muslim and solidifying his vision of global Islamism. He cried, “The last human sword of Islamic life is only in the hands of the Turks.” He continued…”Then, if it is true that a sword is being sharpened to strike in the heart of Islam, then what hesitation that we be engaged in developing a shield. If the worship of Jesus has ancient enmity against the worship of God, and this is not a new Christian conspiracy, then the unity of brotherhood is not a new tactic of the followers of Tawheed (Islamic monotheism) to defend against the attack of polytheists.” In Azad’s own words, “Muslims must realize that they are bearers of a universal message. They are not a racial or regional grouping in whose territory others cannot enter. Strictly speaking, Muslims in India are not one community; they are divided among many well-entrenched sects. You can unite them by arousing their anti-Hindu sentiment, but you cannot unite them in the name of Islam. To them, Islam means undiluted loyalty to their own sect.”. He declared: “I say that, on every momin who believes in Allah, his messenger (Prophet Muhammad) and his book (Quran), it is obligatory that he rise up today for jihad fi sabeelillah (jihad in the path of Allah).” And then Maulana Azad added: “The first jihad for it is the financial jihad and after it if there be any need is the jihad of body and life…”. Still believe he was a secular? or modern Maulana? He argued that “Islam is a sale and purchase (between God and followers)” and added: “The day we accepted that we are Muslims, the same day we accepted that our lives stood sold for Islam. The meaning of Islam is to surrender our heads before the only God, and then it is upon him whether he puts it in the lap of friends or under the sword of enemies.” Like today’s jihadis, Maulana Azad encouraged Indian Muslims to preserve the Ottoman Caliphate “in their hearts as a pure religious relationship, to consider any government of the world that is its enemy as the enemy of Islam and the ones that were its friend as the friend of Islam because friendship and enmity were not for human purposes but only for the religion of Allah.”


  1. Goal of Khilafat movement (protecting the Ottoman Empire)
  1. Goal of Aligarh Muslim University & All India Muslim League (Demand of Separate Islamic Nation)
  1. Role of Maulana Azad in Indian National Congress (agitation against British rulers since the declaration of war against Ottomans – not for Hindu-Muslim unity but to re-establish Islamic rule in India. Note, Azad joined Indian National Congress in January 1920) and 1919 Khilafat movement (to secure Ottoman Caliphate), as European attacks upon the authority of the Ottoman caliph (Khalif) were viewed as a direct attack on Islam. Essentially Muslims established that it was a direct threat to the religious freedom of Muslims under British rule. The impeccable timing of these two events cannot be overlooked. A TRUE Islamist to the core – a Global one indeed.

Do you see Muslims fighting for the freedom of India from the British for the cause of Hindu-Muslim unity or was it to reinstate Islamic authority? EXACTLY!


Bollywood darling famous Amir Khan did not fail to connect recently with the empire of Turkey’s President Erdogan to rejuvenate the warm relationship between Indian Muslims and Turkey. Perhaps he even established political aspirations of Indian Muslims in the establishment of global Millat. When Azad spoke & inspired, approximately 18,000 Muslims of British India went to Turkey to wage Jihad so Turks could continue Jihad against western forces. Today, many radicalized Indian Muslims went to Syria to fight alongside ISIS. The only reason Azad was against the India-Pakistan partition was that he understood the division of India-Pakistan would create an unalterable scar for Muslims to overcome in the future and it will be difficult to reestablish Islamic rule over India. He certainly was farsighted. Azad’s speech gives us clear insights into the radicalization of the Islamic mind and its true aim. Azad believed Muslims should have ruled entire India, not just part of India. In essence, Azad was a proponent of Dar-ul-Islam for the entire undivided India.


So, in short, post-partition, after India lost her land, her men, her children, newly formed modern India appoints a self-taught Muslim intellectual scholar as the first education minister. Since then, many Muslims were appointed in top positions in India. For instance, Humayun Kabir, M C Chagla, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, S. Nurul Hasan as education ministers. Currently, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi a Muslim is the cabinet minister of minority affairs. Not just politics, from academia to media to movies to arts – in every field Muslims succeeded in India. India even produced a Muslim President – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. IN A STRIKING CONTRAST, the FIRST and ONLY HINDU minister of the newly formed Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the central founding figure behind the creation of Pakistan, Jogendra Nath Mandal served as minister of law & Labour. Unfortunately, shortly after that (literally within 3 years), he ran away from Pakistan and entered India, and died in India. Mandol’s mistake? He foolishly thought Dalits (Scheduled castes) and Muslims share a common set of grievances against upper-caste Hindus. However, He was not farsighted enough to realize then that Islam does not spare any non-Muslims. He did not understand that he simply was USED for partition purposes, interestingly even drafted the constitution of Pakistan also but later was thrown out unceremoniously. He understood the pain of being a non-Muslim, however late, requested Nehru for Indian citizenship & wrote a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan about the systematic plan of wiping out Hindus through violence, rapes, forced conversions, intimidation, and false cases against Hindus. WHILE Hindus and non-Muslims of Pakistan continue to witness nightmares on a daily basis, global Hindus did not retaliate against the Islamists’ attacks. Shamefully, western countries and their compromised agencies such as USCIRF (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom) are supporting negative propagandas instigated by the Islamists against the Hindus & India? Unfortunately, these western organizations are provoking Hindus, needlessly. WHAT THEY MUST DO IS, LOOK AT THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM. Sadly, they are drowned by the special interest groups’ agenda and we cannot expect justice from them.


When Azad was chosen as the first Education minister of bloody raped and broken India, or when Muslims were/are doing well in India, Hindus did not form a human chain of protests, nor did they riot to push out the Muslims from India. It is instrumental to note that, in India, no government-funded schools are teaching Hindu holy scriptures but government-funded NGO missionary schools, madrassas, and Sikh institutions imparting their religious teachings. Hindu children are not reading or studying Hindu religious texts. Hindu temples are taxed in India whereas other religious centers are exempt from taxation. I will outline the contributions of Hindus and India to the world in a separate article. The real history of Hindus and India is being suppressed in the History books (deliberately) and Hindu culture is being shamed and attacked, routinely. After all the tolerance and acceptance Hindus have demonstrated for generations (GLOBALLY), Hindus are the frequent victims of violence, hatred, communalism, and typical targets of conversion activities by the missionaries, Maoism and Marxism. Enemies are relentless in generating false claims about Hindus and India (worldwide). One doesn’t have to travel far in history to see proof of the impacts of the dangerous agenda of subversion and separatism had on our people and our country. Today identity politics is splitting people into small groups based on culture, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, skin color, or political differences. Sham “humanitarian advocacy” by #antiHindu, #antiIndia propaganda organizations and appeasements by interfaith groups is causing greater harm and deeper damage to the cause of achieving true harmony in the western countries (including the United States of America) who love to propagate bogus frauds of secularism. Hindus are fundamentally and inherently free, open, tolerant, and inclusive. THEREFORE, HINDUS AND


Hindus, today, have been turned into micro-community who do not have support, politically and socially.

Some Hindus are helplessly begging for mercy and some Hindus are hiding behind the FRAUD BLANKET of SECULARISM. MERCY FROM WHOM?

BARBARIANS? BEASTS? WELL, YOU AIN’T GETTING IT BEGGING WITH THE BOWL. Stop this MELODRAMATIC 1000-YEARS-OF-SAGA. Demand, ROAR, and Fight for Justice, LEGALLY AND LAWFULLY. Fight Like Arjun. Hit the streets and the courts.

As I wrap up this article, I have a few questions for global Hindus. Will you stand up against the massive propaganda against the Hindus? Will you do your part to protect your dharma, culture, traditions, and civilization? Or will you hide behind the fraud veil of secularism, dance in the tune of billionaire masters for some brownie point award, and watch our ONLY SURVIVING CIVILIZATION vanish (like the others)?

Purnima Nath is an Indian-American engineer, author, entrepreneur, activist, community builder, and former Milwaukee County Executive candidate State of Wisconsin.

This article is re-published from Indian newspaper The Organiser


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