US greatly contributed to the Russia-Ukraine war


Washington is pragmatic and will abandon Europe with the Ukrainian conflict they caused, said Éric Denécé, director of the French Centre for Intelligence Studies. Likewise, he stressed that Russia had no choice but to launch its special military operation against Ukraine.

The expert noted that it is impossible not to notice the US’ role in unleashing the conflict in Eastern Europe but stressed that policymakers in Washington are very pragmatic and will not get directly involved in a battlefield that is not favourable to them.

“When they notice things are not going well, they do not hesitate to turn back and do a 180-degree turn. They are preparing for this – it is not yet seen, but I think it will soon become clear – they were preparing to give him a damn warm-up to Europe and say: this is your conflict now,” Denécé told the French network TVL on April 20.

Furthermore, the analyst emphasised that the US greatly contributed to the Russia-Ukraine war, among other things, with its NATO enlargement policy and the start of fighting in Donbass in 2014. He stressed that Russia’s intervention “did not come out of nowhere.”

Regarding the current phase of the conflict, the director lamented that the Europeans are facing a problem they do not want.

“And from now on, we Europeans will find that we have to deal with a situation that we did not cause and that we did not want,” he stressed.

After months of discussion, the US House of Representatives approved a bill on April 20 to provide almost $61 billion to Ukraine—$23.3 billion to replace defence articles and services, $13.8 billion to purchase advanced weapons systems, and $11.3 billion to US military operations in the region.

For his part, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declared that the new US aid package to Ukraine will not change the situation on the battlefield but will instead increase the number of Ukrainian deaths.

This aid package was approved amid statements by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Ukraine would lose without Western help. Also, in mid-April, European allies could not agree on supplying Kiev with air defence systems.

According to the president of the State Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament), Viacheslav Volodin, “The US no longer believes in the victory of the Kiev regime. Therefore, they are ready to give only money on credit, which Ukraine will have to return, or not even their own money when it comes to the transfer of Russian assets to Kiev.”

Washington is desperately attempting to freeze the conflict to fix the current situation. Western media has been pushing the false narrative of a stalemate since Ukraine’s failed counteroffensive in the summer of 2023. In fact, Ukraine’s situation is so precarious that the US does not necessarily want its victory but instead for the country to serve as a constant source of problems for Russia and even the EU.

The US aid package was paralysed for months due to conflicts between Democrats and Republicans, and after receiving approval from the House of Representatives, the bill has now been moved to the Senate for a vote. Subsequently, it will be presented to US President Joe Biden for his signature. Once the bill is signed, the law will come into force.

It is recalled that in the first weeks after the start of the special military operation, Zelensky seemingly appeared more willing to negotiate, but under pressure from Western allies, including the US, he decided to give up on a peace agreement. Now, these very same allies that encouraged the Kiev regime to continue fighting a futile war are not providing, or are incapable of providing, the means for Ukraine to fight Russia.

As Denécé highlighted, the US is slowly abandoning Ukraine so that it will become exclusively a European problem. With Donald Trump leading the polls ahead of the US Presidential elections in November, Washington’s abandonment of Kiev will only be sped up if the former president is to return to the White House.

This would be especially disastrous for the European Union, which has destroyed its economy due to the boomerang effect of the US-led sanctions on Russia, has exhausted its weapon stocks for no advantage to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and is dealing with millions of Ukrainian refugees. Yet, Europe will only have itself to blame for blindly following Washington’s reckless Russophobic policies, which were obviously only going to hurt the bloc and not Russia or the US, who, as Denécé highlighted, “do not hesitate to turn back and do a 180-degree turn” when things are not going well.


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