Oldest democracy has started falling down


On November 3rd, the entire world community was excitedly watching the election result of the most powerful country – the United States of America. But now, they are feeling entertained in watching, how the politicians and corrupt civil and intelligence bureaucracy of that country is playing foul role, openly, in artificially defeating the current president by giving America’s power-wheel into the grips of socialists, Islamist and the enemies of democracy.

With the success in the rigging process of the 2020 presidential election, there are already signs of celebration in Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Lebanon, and even amongst the Palestinians. Especially the Palestinians are considering this election as their own victory, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their “own people”.

Rogue media in the US, in particular, has played a key role in portraying President Donald Trump as the “champion evil” and someone who is incapable of doing anything good for the American people. But in reality, we have witnessed, President Trump has successfully created millions of jobs for the American people, while he also has very effectively salvaged the country’s sinking economy. During Barack Obama’s 8-years, the American economy was heading towards doom, while its foreign policy and dignity had already reached bankruptcy. Trump has dedicated his entire energy in saving the American economy and dignity, and of course, he has succeeded in reducing the unemployment rate.

Please readers, don’t think I am a Donald Trump propagandist or the mouthpiece of the Trump family. Instead, I am telling, what those rogue American media will never say. Why? Because, they have sold their souls to the enemies of the United States – such as Iran, Qatar, etcetera – etcetera. Let me remind you, Qataris spend billions of dollars from its Zakat fund for buying influential media around the world, especially the Western press – more precisely, American media. The bosses of those anti-Trump (please read anti-US) media outlets are heavily bribed through business and cash. Just check the business connections of the owners of those business outlets. You only know about Hunter Biden, but surely you are yet to know about those media bosses in the United States of America.

A deeply divided America?

Commenting on the 2020 presidential election, eminent columnist Daniel Krygier wrote on his Facebook post: “While the world still awaits a winner in the US election, there is already a clear loser: a deeply divided America. Freedom of speech and political diversity are fundamental pillars in a healthy democracy. Sadly, an increasing number of Democrats and Republicans view each other as “enemies” instead of fellow Americans. This is bad for America and the entire free world. A divided America at war with herself is good for China, Russia and Iran. As a non-American supporter of America, it pains me to see America so deeply divided.

“For the sake of America’s future and the future of the free world, Democrats and Republicans should seek a path towards political moderation, mutual respect, compromise and unity. Ronald Reagan loved America all his life, initially as a Democrat and later as a Republican”.

I would rather partly agree with Daniel. America was never divided. The rogue culture of division and the seeds of inter-supporter hatred was first spread throughout the country by Hillary Clinton when she lost the 2016 election. Later her party pals, including Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and others have upheld Hillary Clinton’s ideology of hatred and anarchism. So, America has not been divided by the Republicans or President Trump.

End of the beginning?

On social media, while commenting on the election, someone wrote: “If indeed, after the smoke and lawsuits clear, Biden is the president, we have but ONE mission, going forward…foster and grow this movement that has started, because that movement is all that’s left.

There are some things we need to realize and internalize, that Trump taught and showed us. He showed us that the Right is not limited to single-digit numbers of black support or 2 or 3 to 1 support with other minorities. All we have to do is try. The GOP [Grand Old Party] has failed miserably there. Trump opened that door. We must not allow the GOP to close it again.

Trump also exposed the “free trade” fraud, that has savaged the middle class. We must not let ourselves get sucked back into that lie, by the hucksters at Conservative Inc. They WILL try. Trump did much to shed light on how truly adversarial and dangerous China is. There is much more to do there. We must do it.

Trump did much to expose the corruption of the political class. We must continue that because only the surface has been scratched.

Trump exposed how fraudulent, dishonest, and destructive the media has become. We must never forget that and spread the truth of it. He also proved that, despite the most monumental smear campaign in the history of mankind, a good half of this country was still able to see through it all. He also exposed the opposition as no longer loyal. They hate this country and its people because half of us aren’t buying their crap, and don’t subscribe to their visions of superiority and providence to rule…and they know now, that we never will. He also showed that peace can work, when he turned decades of US foreign policy on its head, and peace started breaking out across the Middle East, as is evidenced by the recent peace deals between Israel and its neighbors.

We have learned a lot. We have been shown a path. As Churchill famously said, and I think it fits perfectly here, paraphrasing…it’s not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning. We’ve got a lot of work to do folks. Let’s get to it”.

In my opinion – the victory of President Donald Trump will not only be the victory of the patriotic Americans, but it also will save the great country from turning into concubines of the socialists and Islamists. The victory of Joe Biden will simply begin an era of self-destruction for the United States of America. Now it is up to those silent majority of the country – who may not be blind with partisan madness to decide, what they really want to happen in the future.


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