Computer glitch and controversial election


My ears pricked up when the Michigan GOP Chairwoman complained that a computer glitch converted over 6000 votes to Trump into 6000 votes to Biden in Michigan, and there are 47 other districts using the same computer system.

Some days ago, I published a piece about The Hammer supercomputer, designed by Dennis Montgomery, for use in foreign intervention, that was converted under Obama-Biden into a machine that could intercept election computer systems to transfer votes from one candidate to another.

The key to do this is called the SuperCard.

Further, Obama ordered The Hammer supercomputer from DC to Fort Washington in Maryland.

Mr Montgomery was concerned and gave evidence to the FBI.

Barrack Obama is a person worthy of investigation based on his pre-election activities over the last year.

Note should be made of the verbal slip by Joe Biden when he inadvertently bragged about a system of voter fraud that would bring him success. The video of his statement was attached to my information.

It seems to me that this was the computer interception that the GOP Chair referred to.

In my opinion, this is an issue for the FBI and President Trump must investigate and expose the malevolent misuse of The Hammer supercomputer and the Supercard key that intercepts and converts votes, and he must do it immediately before a possible recount in this state and others.

If the fault is discovered in other states it places the whole 2020 US Election into jeopardy.


  1. No Comments yet?? Living out here at 8:00 PM Pacific the US tote board turned Blue for CA, OR, & WA. There wasn’t anyone in line dropping off their ballots in Beaverton at 4 PM Tuesday so I assumed that all of the votes were counted, or were they. But for those of you that might be interested, I’ve been wondering where these ballots are. So I wrote on a few sites that have a few thousand members this; Just as an afterthought, am I to assume that everyone voted? If so, check to see if your vote was changed. I guess first you have to check if your state allows you to look at your ballot. Humm.. If not, as a computer whizz, they only check for your signature. The machines store your ballot to see your signature. But if the vote has been changed who is to know? If you voted in person, where does that ballot go? And hypothetically, if they dump 100,000 votes into the tally, all with the same person, that would indicate that they were already vetted. The state already has a copy of your signature, so all they would have to do would be to generate ballots with your signature and A Voter Verifiable Code (Voting System). The possibility of this procedure being done needs to be looked at. If your state won’t let you see your vote, it’s time you changed the law in that state…. Get this fixed! Some of us don’t want to move to another country AND would like the 2nd Amendment to remain as it is.


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