Radical Islam spreading Kafirphobia in the West


One of the most influential periodicals in India, the Organizer in a recent article has elaborately described the notorious activities of the massive witch-hunt against Indians in the Muslim nations. Such activities are backed by a conglomerate of Pakistani spy agency ISI backed Pan-Islamist-Salafi groups.

Immediately after coronavirus pandemic broke in India, a number of Islamist individuals had called upon the Muslims to use this ‘opportunity’ in spreading the virus amongst Hindus thus resulting in the death of “hundreds of millions”. Those Muslim individuals and organizations have named this nefarious action as #coronajihad.

The most notorious attempt of spreading coronavirus within the Hindu population in India was initiated by the leaders of Tablighi Jamaat. With the dangerous motive of pushing ahead the agenda of coronajihad leaders and members of the Tablighi Jamaat had violated the countrywide lockdown and had held a huge congregation of the Tablighi followers. Later dozens of coronavirus infected members of this group were evacuated by the law enforcement agencies. But, by that time, an unknown number of coronavirus positive Tablighi men had melted into the societies.

Taking undue advantage of the Indian government’s actions in identifying the coronavirus infected members of the Tablighi Jamaat, Pakistani ISI, in collaboration with countries like Qatar, in particular has started anti-India propaganda with the motive of whitewashing the fact of coronajihad from the attention of the international community. The most unfortunate fact is – a large number of Indian media outlets have joined hands with the pro-Tablighi bloc while some influential Western news outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, the Guardian, TIME magazine, CNN etcetera have been openly playing the role of savior of these corona jihadists.

It is important to mention here that, Qatari alone is appending billions of its Zakat (Islamic charity) fund towards buying media mostly in the non-Muslim nations.

Like a number of anti-India elements, controversial Indian writer Arundhati Roy, commenting on coronajihad, in a very lengthy article in the Financial Times wrote: “The economic crisis is here. The political crisis is ongoing. The mainstream media has incorporated the Covid story into its 24/7 toxic anti-Muslim campaign. An organisation called the Tablighi Jamaat, which held a meeting in Delhi before the lockdown was announced, has turned out to be a “super spreader”. That is being used to stigmatise and demonise Muslims. The overall tone suggests that Muslims invented the virus and have deliberately spread it as a form of jihad”.

Ms. Roy, a diehard communist has even attempted in misleading the international community about the number of coronavirus cases in India. She wrote: “Today (April 2) in India, there are almost 2,000 confirmed cases and 58 deaths. These are surely unreliable numbers, based on woefully few tests. Expert opinion varies wildly. Some predict millions of cases. Others think the toll will be far less. We may never know the real contours of the crisis, even when it hits us. All we know is that the run on hospitals has not yet begun”.

When someone will read Arundhati Roy’s article, s/he may immediately start considering India as the hotbed of coronavirus in the world with “millions” of corona positive cases and an unknown number of deaths. Isn’t a case of high treason and sedition when a writer on purpose exaggerates the entire scenario thus giving a disturbing picture about her own country?

Can someone ask, what prompted Ms. Roy in making such a comment in her article at a very crucial time when the entire world was already struggling in fighting coronavirus? Or, this was an act of revenge from her on the Indian populace for speaking out against corona jihad? If that was the case, then one may ask – who had hired Ms. Roy for running a wild propaganda against India.

The anti-India bloc led by Pakistan has been making frantic bids by painting India as an “enemy of Islam” and is trying to convince the oil-rich Arab nations to immediately refrain from buying any goods from India. There even are various forms of efforts by Pakistan in convincing the Arab rulers in expelling Hindu workers from various sectors.

While India already is facing a difficult challenge due to the massive spread of coronavirus in the country, where corona jihadists are mostly responsible for spreading the virus into the country, Pakistan has visibly become desperate in causing massive damage to India’s export trade with the Arab countries as well as the foreign exchange earnings through the expatriate Indians in the Middle East.

Most unfortunately, leaders of Palestinian mega-terror outfit Hamas, in particular, are also aggressively pushing forward Pakistan’s agenda despite the fact of India’s huge help and cooperation extended to the Palestinians.

For the first time, Pakistan-led anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda and numerous forms of evil attempts are getting active support and collaboration from the Western media, while a number of nations in the West already are openly inclined towards the Tablighi Jamaat.


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