Kolkata film star Nusrat’s father infected with coronavirus after meeting Tablighi Jamaat men


Kolkata’s heartthrob actress and Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan’s father had been infected to coronavirus after he men a number of attendees of Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Delhi. India’s influential periodical the Organizer in a report said: “The Tablighi Jamaat connection apparently led to the Corona infection in actor and Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan’s father. He had met Jamaatis who returned from the Nizamuddin Markaz at his Kolkata home and is believed to have acquired the infection from them. On Sunday (April 12) night, the actor’s aged father was admitted to a private hospital in the Phoolbagan police station area, adjacent to Eastern Metropolitan Bypass in Kolkata.

“The diabetic senior citizen was brought to the hospital on Sunday night in a critical condition with high fever and severe respiratory complications. He was immediately treated with insulin. However, as the patient carried symptoms of COVID 19 and had the record of coming in close contact with the people of the Tablighi, his fluid samples were collected for a pathological test. The private hospital, which claims to have the infrastructure for diagnosing COVID 19 confirmed the patient as having tested positive. The pathological report has been sent to Swasthya Bhavan, the medical and public health headquarters in West Bengal”.

According to the report, Nusrat Jahan’s mother and sister are now in quarantine, though the actress and her husband have not yet gone for tests to determine if they too are infected.

Immediately after the news about Nusrat’s father started circulating within the cine-circle in Kolkata, the actress had denied the claim stating her father was suffering from “high fever”. She also denied her father’s respiratory complications. Most interestingly, even when her father was tested for coronavirus, Nusrat Jahan insisted that it was a “routine test” the hospital was doing on all its patients. She also vouched that her father had no history of foreign travel in the recent past.

As the news about Nusrat Jahan’s father’s connection with the notorious Tablighi Jamaat members surfaced the media, she came up with a new story stating the report of a “fresh test” was still waiting, which would be done by the government laboratory.

Dawood Ibrahim connection of the Kolkata film stars

The alleged affiliation of actor Nusrat Jahan’s father with Tablighi Jamaat is not very strange as it was earlier reported in this newspaper about the connection between a number of Kolkata film stars and dangerous terror don Dawood Ibrahim. According to the reports, Pakistani spy agency ISI was maintaining contacts with a number of film stars, including Trinamool leader Moon Moon Sen and her daughters – Riya Sen and Raima Sen.

Pakistani ISI has been investing in film industries in India mostly through Dawood Ibrahim gang. Islamabad collects sensitive information from various government offices by using their mules within the entertainment industry, while some of these film stars are also directly involved in dealing into counterfeit Indian currency notes.

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura is a research scholar and Senior Correspondent of Blitz


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