Sunidhi Chauhan’s weekends are ruled by her mood


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It’s all the same

Unlike the rest of her ilk, Sunidhi Chauhan surprises me when she says, “Weekends or weekdays were always all the same for me; just another day.  I have changed a wee bit from before because now I try not to work on Sundays so that Sunday feels like a Sunday (a holiday). Now I feel it is different from the other days.” She elaborates, “I don’t look forward to weekends, I just let it happen. I am not the Thank God It’s Friday person. I don’t plan my Sunday, I let it be ruled by my mood at the moment.”

Favourite spaces

“On Sundays ,I just chill and enjoy the fact that I don’t have anything to do or may be watch TV. I love Netflix and Amazon Prime; these two are my favourite spaces. I would rather watch a movie at home than go to a theatre,” she points out

Saturday night fever?

Sunidhi doesn’t party on Saturdays like most other people. She muses, “It’s been a long time since I did that. I don’t remember how a party looks like!” She adds, “On second thoughts, I was never a party person anyway.” It’s not a day for self-indulgence either. “I don’t pamper myself with beauty treatments spas or a swim on the weekend,” she reveals, concluding “I guess I am lazy!”

Sleeping beauty

Sunidhi’s bedtime is generally late. “So on a Sunday,” she divulges, “I enjoy the luxury of waking up late. I don’t read but I definitely wish to.”

Quality me time

Sunidhi shares, “I spend my time alone as well as with my family, and my husband depending on our respective schedules since we are both working.” She is also happy being just by herself because she enjoys the me-time.

A Sunday indulgence

Sunidhi makes a rare exception on Sunday. She says, “On Sundays, I take a break from the gym and the change feels good.” But she doesn’t go on an eating binge on Sundays because she reasons, “I binge on food any time, any place, any day whenever I like!”



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