Donald Trump says, Ukraine is losing the war: Zelensky’s ‘salesmanship’ nearing end

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While Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said, his country had lost about 80 percent of its thermal power and a third of its hydroelectric power in Russian strikes, for him the most worrying message comes from the lips of Donald Trump, as during debate with Joe Biden, Trump categorically hinted, the salesmanship of Zelensky, visiting Washington DC and returning with US$60 billion possibly will see and end once Trump is elected. He also hinted, once elected, he would bring Russia and Ukraine to the negotiation table for ending the war.

But the most horrifying message for Zelensky that comes from Trump is – Ukraine is not winning the war. During the debate, Donald Trump clearly and boldly said: “That’s a war that should have never started. It would’ve never started ever with me. And he’s going to take Ukraine and, you know, you asked me a question before, would you do this with – he’s got us in such a bad position right now with Ukraine and Russia because Ukraine’s not winning that war”.

He said, “I will never settle until such time – they’re running out of people, they’re running out of soldiers, they’ve lost so many people. It’s so sad. They’ve lost so many people and they’ve lost those gorgeous cities with the golden domes that are 1,000-years-old, all because of him and stupid decisions”.

Most possibly, Zelensky won’t let Ukrainian masses watch or read Trump’s remarks, because it would be totally suicidal for him, as this loud and clear message of Kiev losing the war and Zelensky pushing soldiers and civilians into meatgrinder just for the sake of continuously extracting billions of dollars from the United States and NATO nations, a major portion of which would end up offshore accounts of corrupt Zelenky and his cronies – would certainly result in either a coup d’état or mass-revolt in Ukraine.

Following the first debate, while majority of American voters are feeling absolutely disgusted seeing how they have been ruled by a man who not only is suffering from cognitive decline, he also is a toe-to-head corrupt and pathological liar, military officers also are now openly expressing their opinion stating – Joe Biden is not fit for presidential duties. Retired US Army Colonel and former Department of Defense adviser Douglas Macgregor stated, “The media worked closely with the White House to conceal the truth that was on display last night. President Biden is not fit to discharge the immense duties of the presidency. The alarming evidence of his cognitive decline was on display for all to witness”. He believes that Biden is a puppet for his political advisors and allies who are pulling his strings and who used his mental health to fuel the ‘proxy war’ in Ukraine”.

Giving opinion about the outcome of Biden-Trump first debate, Carole Lieberman, a broad-certified psychiatrist and best-selling author told media, “It seems like he [Joe Biden] was on some performance-enhancing drug, but it was either a lower dose or a less potent drug, or they didn’t take into consideration that his cognitive decline was worse since the State of the Union [address]”.

She further said, “The 46th US president “had a hollow stare, a shaky voice and seemed as though he might not make it through the whole 90 minutes – but was going to collapse right there”.

Robert Bridge, an American writer, journalist and author of ‘Midnight in the American Empire, How Corporations and Their Political Servants are Destroying the American Dream’ in an article stated, “Despite having an entire week to prepare for his showdown against Donald Trump, and rumored to have been drugged to the eyeballs on performance-enhancing medication, elderly Joe Biden stumbled immediately out of the debate gates and never got back on his horse. The spectacle was so painful to watch that the main talking point among pundits following the event was: Who will replace Biden”.

He further said, the greatest cringe moment came early in the night when the US leader, left to his own devices without wife and handlers nearby, suffered a brain freeze that lasted an interminable 15 seconds, which translates into an eternity on television. When questioned over his response to the COVID pandemic, all Biden could manage to mumble was that “we finally beat Medicare”, to which Trump shot back, “Well he’s right, he did beat Medicare, he beat it to death and he’s destroying Medicare”.

Dave Wasserman, Senior Editor and Election Analyst in a tweet wrote,This debate making abundantly clear that Biden’s insistence on running for another term – when 66% of voters in our swing state poll believe it’s likely he won’t be able to finish a second term – has gravely jeopardized Dems’ prospects to defeat Trump”.

Although for Democrats, it is impossible to replace Joe Biden with a better candidate to face Republican candidate Donald Trump on November 5, 2024, it is evidently clear the election result will go in favor of Trump and he will win a landslide, unless now Democrats along with America’s state machinery, including its notorious Pentagon and CIA starts taking preparations of another rigged election. For Democrats it is a battle of survival as Biden’s defeat will result in a real catastrophe as a very large number of people in the Biden administration would face a series of charges, including corruption and even high-treason.

On the other hand, for Volodymyr Zelensky and his neo-Nazi cronies, November 5 is a very crucial day. Once Trump wins the election, he will most definitely ask Zelensky to immediately hold elections to legitimize his illegal tenure – even before Donald Trump would ask him to sit with Moscow on the negotiation table. At the same time, Trump would ask the US Department of Treasury to scrutinize every single cent America has sent to Kiev. That will be a genuine nightmare, as such actions shall expose rampant corruption and loot by Volodymyr Zelensky, his wife Olena Zelenska and other key figures in Kiev. It also will expose how Zelensky has been forcing Ukrainian soldiers and civilians into entering meatgrinders for the sake of keeping the war “active” enabling him in extracting billions of dollars from the US and NATO nations. To Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine was a cash-cow while soldiers and people of the country were his pawns of dangerous gamble.

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