Trump terms Zelensky as ‘the greatest salesman of all time’

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took advantage of a campaign event to slam Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who continues to receive tens of billions of dollars whenever he visits Washington. Zelensky is evidently worried by the prospect of Trump returning to the White House as it will all but effectively force the Kiev regime to negotiate with Moscow.

The former president at the Turning People’s Convention Point Action in Detroit described Zelensky as “maybe the greatest salesman of any politician that has ever lived” and criticised the Biden administration for “wasting” billions of dollars

“I think Zelensky is maybe greatest salesman of any politician that’s ever lived… Every time he comes to our country he walks away with $60 billion,” Trump said at the event.

After repeating that Zelensky is “the greatest salesman of all time,” Trump added: “Here’s now the beauty. He just left four days ago with $60 billion and he gets home and announces that he needs another $60 billion. It never ends. I will have that settled prior to take the White House as president-elect.”

According to Trump, military aid to Ukraine resulted in a shortage of ammunition for the US Army, all due to Biden’s “generosity.”

On June 13, Biden and Zelensky signed a bilateral security agreement for the next 10 years, in which Washington committed to supplying weapons and ammunition to Kiev. The American president during a press conference in Italy with Zelensky said the goal of the bilateral agreement is to “strengthen Ukraine’s credible defence and deterrence capabilities for the long term.”

He added that the collective efforts by the G7 show that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot wait us out, he cannot divide us, and we’ll be with Ukraine until they prevail this war.”

Once again, Biden is making a promise that he cannot possibly keep since he will have to not only overcome Trump in November’s election, but somehow manage to find tens of billions of dollars every year just to maintain the current situation – Russia’s methodical destruction of Ukraine’s armed forces whilst slowly advancing and liberating more territory – let alone even more resources to have a chance of reversing the situation.

Zelensky at the joint press conference was quizzed on what he would do if the next US president does not follow through with this agreement. He delusionally suggested that if Americans support Ukraine, so will the American president.

“If the people are with us, any leader will be with us in this struggle,” he said.

However, Trump previously stated that he would withhold defence assistance to Ukraine if he wins this year’s presidential election, after claiming Russia would not have launched its special military operation in 2022 had he won a second term in office. It is recalled that Trump had previously also promised to end the war in “one day” and accused Biden of not being capable of dealing with world leaders.

“We have a man that has no clue what’s happening,” he said about Biden at the time, adding that Putin was “sharp” and at the top of his game.

According to the latest survey by Reuters/Ipsos, Trump leads Biden by two points in the lead up to the general election, with 61% of respondents saying their vote will not be impacted by Trump’s conviction last month. More telling is the fact that in the seven crucial swing states that will likely decide the election—Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania—all which Biden won narrowly in 2020 except for North Carolina, polls consistently show Trump leads Biden, with the current president alarmingly losing a significant portion of the Black and Latino vote.

This points to the very real scenario that the billionaire could be returning to the White House in January 2025, something that will doom Ukraine, especially after Zelensky said that Trump risks being a “loser president” if he imposes a bad peace deal as it would end the US as a global “player.” This is obviously a ridiculous notion as the US will continue being a major global player, even in a multipolar system, and its status will certainly not be determined by the war in Ukraine.

Undoubtedly Biden’s failure to make Russia capitulate through the Ukraine proxy has dealt a blow to Washington’s prestige, but the North American country has not ceased to be a great power. By Zelensky making such entitled and antagonistic statements, Trump will only be more determined to end the syphoning of tens of billions of US taxpayer dollars to a futile war effort.

Such a scenario will force the Kiev regime to open negotiations with Moscow as the Ukrainian military is already suffering from a lack of weapons and manpower, something that will only worsen if Trump ends all aid. Even if Biden prevails in the upcoming election, it is doubtful that such a level of support can be maintained for another four years despite the promises made.

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