Sheikh Hasina needs to annihilate corrupt demons!

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In 1971, during the War of Independence, we stood united against the oppressive Pakistani forces, battling for our freedom and sovereignty. Today, 53 years after our hard-won independence, a new threat looms over our nation: corruption. Corrupt individuals and entities erode the economic backbone of our country, undermining our prosperity and future. Can we wage another war against these internal enemies? Can we annihilate them? These questions linger unanswered, but there is hope that the government will recognize the critical need to launch an immediate and drastic campaign against corruption and its perpetrators.

Recently, the nation was gripped by news of a goat purchased for an astonishing BDT 1.2 million for Qurbani, sparking widespread attention and controversy. The identity of the buyer became the talk of the town, particularly after a video and photos of a young man hugging the goat’s neck went viral on social media. The young man was rumored to be the son of Md. Matiur Rahman, a prominent member of the National Board of Revenue (NBR). When Matiur Rahman’s name surfaced in both mainstream and social media, it ignited a storm of criticism. In response, Matiur Rahman denied any relation to the young man, raising suspicions that he might be attempting to ‘sacrifice’ his son to conceal his illegal wealth.

Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat, who became a viral sensation, is the son of Shammi Akhter Shibly, Matiur Rahman’s second wife. Ifat passed his SSC exams in 2023 from Motijheel Ideal School (Roll No-201521, Dhaka Board) and is currently a student at Notre Dame College. The family includes two other children: Eftima Rahman Madhavi, a medical student at Bardem Medical College, and Irfan, a 7-year-old child. Matiur Rahman’s first wife, Laila Kaniz Lucky, is a lecturer at Titumir College and currently the Chairman of Raipura Upazila Parishad of Narsingdi. Their son, Taufiqur Rahman Arnab, returned to Bangladesh after completing his education in America and has since joined the family business. Their daughter, Farzana Rahman Ipsita, leads a lavish lifestyle in Canada.

Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat, who became a viral sensation, is the son of Shammi Akhter Shibly, corrupt government officer Matiur Rahman’s second wife

Md. Matiur Rahman’s wealth and assets are staggering. He has accumulated significant properties, including multi-storied buildings in the Bashundhara Residential Area, large garment manufacturing factories in Tongi, footwear factories in Valuka and Barisal, and eco-parks and resorts in Narsingdi and Purbachal. Despite multiple investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), he has consistently been given a clean chit under mysterious circumstances.

Shammi Akhtar Shivali first caught Matiur Rahman’s attention while she was a student at Dhaka City College. After marrying her, Matiur set up a household in Lalmatia. Initially, both his wives lived in the same flat, but marital discord eventually led to Shivali moving to an elite area in Dhanmondi, where a lavish residence was built for her. The decoration of this residence alone cost around BDT 20 million, with BDT 4 million spent on the kitchen’s beautification.

Shammi Akhtar’s family hails from Sonapur village in Sonagazi, Feni. Her father, Moinuddin Hawladar, and her sisters, Chitra and Bubli, are known in the area. Shammi Akhtar is also related to Nizam Uddin Hazari, the Member of Parliament for Feni-2 Constituency, although he denies any connection to Matiur Rahman’s second wife and her children. However, he acknowledged that Ifat is indeed his cousin’s child and Matiur Rahman’s son.

When our reporters visited the Dhanmondi residence, they were denied entry. The family had reportedly vacated the premises two days prior. Security personnel confirmed that Ifat had recently sacrificed two cows and three goats for Eid. Despite Matiur Rahman’s denial of paternity, various social media posts from neighbors confirmed that Ifat is his son from his second marriage.

Further investigation revealed that the Prado model luxury car (Dhaka metro-GHA-15-9327) driven by Ifat is registered under SK Trim and Industries Limited, a significant garment equipment manufacturer where Matiur Rahman’s brother, MA Qayyum Howladar, holds a substantial stake. Another car used by Ifat and his mother, a Premio model (Dhaka metro-GA-32-6239), is registered under Global Max Packaging Industries Limited.

Matiur Rahman’s wealth includes a vast empire of assets: multi-storied buildings in Bashundhara Residential Area, large garment factories in Tongi, a footwear factory in Valuka and Barisal, and an eco-park and resort in Narsingdi and Purbachal. His business interests extend to a renowned industrial company in Tejgaon Industrial Area. Allegations of misappropriating large bank loans have also surfaced, particularly concerning his factories.

Md. Matiur Rahman’s properties are extensive, with significant land holdings in Narsingdi, Mymensingh’s Trishal, and Gazipur’s Pubail. He has established Apan Bhuban Picnic and Shooting Spot on Tongi-Ghorashal Road in Khilgaon, covering around eight acres. His wealth in Barisal includes 500 acres of land, while his daughter Farzana Rahman Ispita and son Ahmad Taufiq Anud also hold substantial land assets in Narsingdi. His overseas assets include properties in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, and the United States.

Matiur Rahman’s first wife, Laila Kaniz Lucky, plays a significant role in his business empire. She is the Chairman of Raipura Upazila Parishad and has amassed substantial wealth in her name. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has formed an investigation committee multiple times to look into Matiur Rahman’s corrupt activities, but each time, the investigations have mysteriously ended without any concrete action.

SSC examination marksheet of Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat

Despite numerous attempts, neither Matiur Rahman nor his family members were available for comment. Calls to his mobile phone went unanswered, and messages sent to his WhatsApp received no response.

In addition to his domestic assets, Matiur Rahman has invested heavily abroad. His overseas properties in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, and the United States reflect his extensive reach and the global nature of his wealth. His daughter, Farzana Rahman Ipsita, lives a luxurious life in Canada, further indicating the family’s international financial interests.

Matiur Rahman’s involvement in the leather loan scam while he was on the board of directors of Sonali Bank adds another layer to his controversial career. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has launched multiple investigations into his activities, yet he has managed to evade any substantial consequences. This raises serious questions about the effectiveness and integrity of the ACC and the broader anti-corruption framework in Bangladesh.

The revelations about Md. Matiur Rahman’s vast wealth and alleged corrupt activities underscore the urgent need for a robust anti-corruption drive in Bangladesh. The government must act decisively to root out corruption and hold those responsible accountable. Only through transparency and rigorous enforcement of anti-corruption measures can we safeguard the economic stability and future prosperity of our nation. The fight against these modern-day demons is essential to ensure a just and equitable society for all.

The case of Md. Matiur Rahman exemplifies the deep-seated corruption that plagues Bangladesh. His vast wealth, luxurious lifestyle, and alleged corrupt activities highlight the urgent need for comprehensive anti-corruption measures. The government must take decisive action to investigate and hold accountable those who engage in corruption. This is not just about one individual; it is about the future of Bangladesh. By addressing corruption head-on, we can protect our nation’s prosperity, ensure justice, and create a fairer society for all. The battle against these internal demons is crucial, and we must remain vigilant and relentless in our pursuit of a corruption-free Bangladesh.

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