Zelensky’s much-hyped Swiss conference flops

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As US President Joe Biden’s possibility of being defeated by Donald Trump on November 5, 2024 is becoming almost imminent, his administration has been desperately pushing a number of agendas with the goal of spreading war and extreme destabilization in a number of countries, including Ukraine and Russia, while Washington has intensified its attempts to carve out “a Christian state like East Timor” taking parts from Bangladesh, Myanmar and India. Meanwhile, the recently concluded Swiss conference – an event proposed by Volodymyr Zelensky and backed by the United States and NATO nations, which was aimed at escalating pressure on Russia and President Vladimir Putin with newer threats of sanctions and confiscating Russian assets has miserably flopped. Just within a couple hours of the first day of this so-called peace summit, one of the featured attendees of the event – US Vice President Kamala Harris abruptly left, possibly after realizing key targets of this summit would bite dust.

Meanwhile, according to Russian news outlet RT, the signatures of representatives of Jordan and Iraq have disappeared from the final communique of the Swiss-hosted Ukraine ‘peace conference’, according to the latest copy of the document posted on the Swiss Foreign Ministry website.

It said, out of 92 countries represented at the proceedings, only 78 signed the communique, with Kosovo listed as an independent state. Serbia and a number of countries, including Russia and China, still consider Kosovo Serbian territory.

Some members of the BRICS group attended the conference, but none signed the document. Despite being party to the conflict, Moscow was not invited to the event at the Swiss Burgenstock Resort. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the summit an attempt by the West to distract attention away from the root causes of the Ukraine conflict.

Speaking at the conference, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said, Russia’s participation is critical to any credible negotiations aimed at ending the Ukraine conflict.

Prince Faisal reiterated the kingdom’s commitment to “supporting all efforts at reaching an end” to the fighting between Moscow and Kiev and “achieving sustainable and just peace and security”.

He noted that any meaningful progress “will require difficult compromise” between the parties. “It is essential to emphasize that any credible process will need Russia’s participation”.

Faisal highlighted the importance of “peacefully resolving differences through dialogue”, expressing Saudi Arabia’s readiness to “mediate and bring the conflict closer to a solution”.

Commenting on Volodymyr Zelensky’s flopped Swiss conference, Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chair of the Security Council of the Russian Federation

in a post of ‘X’ wrote:

The Swiss panopticon has finished in total failure; The (new) Castle, or Animal Farm that Kafka and Orwell could not even fancy.

None of the participants of the “peace forum” managed to fathom what it was. In fact, it was a badly staged piece of play to save the Bandera führer who had irrevocably lost his legitimacy. Like, recognized him by simply coming there.

And this senseless “peace formula” cut down to three points, allegedly acceptable to all: there is no peace in it, and the stoned ghoul dressed up in a dirty khaki T-shirt proclaimed right at the meeting that he was going to fight till the very last Ukrainian. 

There were but two moments of interest.

The one was the absence of the senile old geezer, the head organizer of the bash, who had long before lost his contact with reality and time and again would freeze looking at the sky with a detached expression of an imbecile. The other was the Canadian blockhead who made everyone happy with a Nazi Bandera greeting. He should be credited, however, with a Freudian slip as he demanded to bring the f. Ukraine to justice.

All in all, the Alpine “peace summit” has proven dull shit organized with the money of the unfortunate taxpayers.

An ‘X’ user responding to Dmitry Medvedev’s post said, This whole thing was a circus paid for with our tax money so the Ukrainian clown could entertain his masters in order to receive more “donations”.

Another ‘X’ user named Ray – a conservative computer scientist said: “Ukraine was our downfall. Putin asked for a compromise, but we ignored it. Now we’re in a war we can’t win. Russia is stronger than ever, and we’re weaker than ever”.

Referring to Oleksandr Dubinsky, Ukrainian politician, journalist and blogger, an ‘X’ user wrote, “This is a failure”, Ukrainian deputy Dubinsky “summed up the results” of the summit in Switzerland. “Despite huge budgets invested in convincing us that the Swiss Photo-Summit will be a success, it is a failure”, he wrote”.

Although, Zelensky’s Swiss conference has been a grand flop, Kiev, as usual has once against exhibited its tremendous capability of hiding the truth beneath lies through massive media campaign, where voices of Russian media outlets such as RT, Sputnik etcetera are being pushed into mere isolation from the global audience. Unless key policymakers in Kremlin realizes the importance of media, which is considered as the most vital tool in modern warfare and begin giving due importance to independent media outlets such as The Intel Drop, VT Foreign Policy, South Front and Blitz, which are not swallowing and parroting Western propaganda narratives, Kiev regime shall be able to continue its hostility towards Russia and succeed in extracting billions of dollars from the United States and its Western allies by entertaining them with Volodymyr Zelensky’s bluffs, lies and kinked actions.

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