Zelenskiy warns Trump stating he risks to be a ‘loser president’

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In a lengthy interview with The Guardian, Ukrainian’s date-expired President Volodymyr Zelenskiy issued a stark warning to former US President Donald Trump, suggesting that a bad peace deal imposed on Ukraine could not only undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty but also diminish the United States’ global standing. Zelenskiy’s remarks come amid speculation about Trump’s possible return to the White House and his stated intentions regarding the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Zelenskiy did not mince words about the potential consequences if Trump were to win the upcoming presidential election. He expressed concerns that Trump might cut off US military support to Ukraine, a move that would leave Ukraine vulnerable against the Russian military. Trump has previously boasted that he could end the war in “24 hours”, which has led to speculation that his plan might involve conceding Ukrainian territories to Russia, including the eastern regions and Crimea.

“Ukrainians would not put up with that”, Zelenskiy stated emphatically, making it clear that any settlement forced upon Ukraine that includes giving up territory or abandoning aspirations of European integration and NATO membership would be unacceptable.

Zelenskiy warned that such actions by Trump could have severe repercussions not just for Ukraine, but for the US as well. He predicted that the United States would lose its status as a global leader if it appeared to capitulate to Russian demands. “Does he want to become a loser president? Do you understand what can happen?”, Zelenskiy questioned rhetorically, emphasizing the potential for Trump’s reputation to suffer irreparable damage if he were perceived as weak on the international stage.

He elaborated that a weakened US would embolden other authoritarian regimes to adopt similar aggressive tactics, leading to a broader erosion of global stability. “The US will not be the leader of the world any more”,

Zelenskiy cautioned. “Yes, it will be powerful, first of all, in the domestic economy because it has a powerful economy without a doubt. But in terms of international influence it will be equal to zero”.

Zelenskiy also expressed skepticism about any ceasefire brokered by Trump, predicting it would be a strategic ploy by Putin to regroup and launch further offensives. “A ceasefire is a trap”, he said, indicating that such a move would ultimately humiliate Trump and damage US credibility. “After a pause, Putin would go further”, Zelenskiy warned, suggesting that Putin’s ambitions would not be curbed by temporary agreements.

Zelenskiy revealed that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had reached out to him on Trump’s behalf, highlighting ongoing diplomatic efforts to navigate these complex geopolitical waters. Despite his critical stance, Zelenskiy indicated a willingness to engage directly with Trump, extending an invitation for him to visit Ukraine and witness the realities of the war firsthand.

“I want to talk to him openly. I want him to come and see the war for himself. And then to talk to him. I think he would need it to understand the situation better”, Zelenskiy said.

This development coincides with significant legal challenges for Trump. A New York jury recently convicted him of all 34 counts of falsifying business records in a case related to hush money payments, marking a historic moment as Trump became the first former president in US history to be found guilty of felony crimes. This adds another layer of complexity to Trump’s potential political comeback and its implications for international relations.

Zelenskiy’s relationship with Trump is already fraught due to the infamous 2019 phone call that led to Trump’s first impeachment. During that call, Trump allegedly pressured Zelenskiy to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter, suggesting that US military aid would be withheld if he did not comply. This scandal underscored the transactional nature of Trump’s foreign policy and raised questions about his approach to international diplomacy.

Zelenskiy’s remarks underscore the high stakes involved in the ongoing conflict and the critical role of US support. The potential shift in US policy under a Trump presidency could have profound implications not only for Ukraine but for the entire global order. Zelenskiy’s warning serves as a reminder of the interconnected nature of international politics and the far-reaching consequences of decisions made by global leaders.

Zelenskiy’s interview with The Guardian highlights the precarious nature of Ukraine’s situation and the broader implications for global stability. His call for Trump to engage directly with the realities on the ground reflects a strategic effort to influence potential US policy decisions that could shape the future of international relations. As the world watches the unfolding political dynamics in the US, the stakes for Ukraine and global peace remain critically high.


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