Ukrainian SBU prepares special team to attend Swiss conference

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Ukrainian intelligence agency, Sluzhba bezpeky Ukrainy (Служба безпеки України) or SBU is secretly preparing a special team comprising forty Ukrainian females which includes model, actresses and top-graded escorts to visiting Switzerland during June 15-16 summit. A part of this special team shall travel to Switzerland along with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pretending as members of the Ukrainian media, while others shall arrive 2-3 days earlier and shall be housed in luxurious hotels adjacent to Bürgenstock resort. Some of them shall be handled by escort service companies in Ukraine which have their counterparts in Europe, including Switzerland.

According to a credible source, each of escorts in the special team shall be paid Ukrainian hryvnia 60~100 thousand per day in addition to hotel accommodation, food and travel cost. Models and actresses shall be paid higher amount.

The source said, one of the assignments for the members the special team shall be to approach western journalists – particularly from large media outlets – honeytrap them and secretly take video of sexual encounters, which would be later used by SBU in compelling those journalists in running propaganda against Russia and its allies. Members of the special team, particularly models and actresses shall try to hook-up “big fishes” including politicians and bureaucrats.

Sluzhba bezpeky Ukrainy has codenamed this special team as “soft file” (М’який файл). For the past two months, special orientation course for the members of special team or “soft file” is being conducted inside SBU’s headquarters at 32–35, Volodymyrska Street, Kiev. SBU has already collected fashionable dress, shoes, expensive cosmetics and perfumes for the members of this team while they also are being given elementary espionage tactics. It is anticipated, following the summit, Ukrainian SBU shall use videos obtained by the members of special team in blackmailing western journalists thus compelling them in running anti-Russia propaganda provided by Kiev.

The entire project codenamed “soft file” is being carried out maintaining top secrecy, where only President Zelensky and 2-3 key figures in SBU are aware of this project.


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