China to promote closer strategic partnership with Suriname

Xi Jinping, Suriname, Chandrikapersad Santokhi, China

In a significant diplomatic move, Chinese President Xi Jinping recently hosted President Chandrikapersad Santokhi of Suriname in Beijing, signaling China’s commitment to strengthening economic ties and fostering a closer strategic partnership with the South American nation. The meeting, held on Friday, emphasized mutual cooperation and highlighted the shared benefits for both countries.

President Xi expressed China’s eagerness to collaborate with Suriname, aiming to bolster economic and trade relations while nurturing a deeper strategic partnership. This sentiment underscores the enduring friendship between the two nations and their dedication to mutual support on issues of core interest.

The timing of President Santokhi’s visit holds particular significance as it coincides with the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the strategic cooperative partnership between China and Suriname. Analysts anticipate that this visit will inject renewed vigor into bilateral cooperation and further elevate relations between China and countries in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

President Xi warmly welcomed President Santokhi, noting the historical significance of his visit as the first by a Latin American and Caribbean head of state to China in the current year. The meeting reflects a commitment to deepening strategic ties and fostering greater understanding between the two nations.

China values Suriname’s steadfast friendship and unwavering support on issues of mutual concern. President Xi reiterated China’s willingness to strengthen exchanges at various levels and enhance cooperation across multiple sectors, including governance, healthcare, and infrastructure development.

President Santokhi echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the longstanding history of friendly exchanges between Suriname and China. He praised the fruitful collaboration between the two countries, which has contributed significantly to Suriname’s economic development and improved the livelihoods of its people. Santokhi reaffirmed Suriname’s commitment to furthering cooperation with China and enhancing relations with other Caribbean nations.

During the state visit, both leaders witnessed the signing of several bilateral cooperation agreements spanning economic, environmental, and educational domains. These agreements underscore the multifaceted nature of the China-Suriname partnership and highlight their shared commitment to sustainable development.

One key aspect of the collaboration is the joint participation in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which aims to enhance connectivity and promote economic cooperation between regions. President Santokhi emphasized the positive impact of BRI projects on regional development, underscoring the benefits for all participating countries.

Looking ahead, experts anticipate a deepening of cooperation under the BRI framework, with a focus on smaller-scale projects aimed at improving local infrastructure and livelihoods. These initiatives align with the shared goals of poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

Despite the growing partnership between China and regional countries, there remains a degree of skepticism from certain quarters, particularly from the United States. However, Latin American and Caribbean nations are increasingly asserting their autonomy and seeking partnerships based on mutual benefit rather than historical dependencies.

As China continues to expand its engagement with countries in the Global South, including Suriname, the stage is set for deeper collaboration and meaningful exchanges that will shape the future of regional development and cooperation. With shared interests and a commitment to common goals, China and Suriname are poised to navigate the complexities of global politics and forge a path towards prosperity and stability.


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