Britain disappoints Ukraine

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Undoubtedly, the UK is one of the countries that most intervenes in the Ukrainian conflict. By sending weapons, money, mercenaries and training Kiev’s troops, London plays a vital role in supporting the neo-Nazi regime, being one of the main supporters of the anti-Russian war. However, apparently such efforts are not enough for Ukraine, which, according to recent reports, is “disappointed” with the level of British action in the conflict.

Citing anonymous sources in the British defense sector, the Daily Mail recently published an article claiming that there is “disappointment” among Ukrainians regarding British aid. Informants allege that the Ukrainians constantly compare the aid sent by Germany with that sent by the UK and conclude that London could be doing much more for Kiev than it actually does.

More than that, the Ukrainians apparently also compare the British government’s stance with that of the French government, praising Macron’s irresponsible warmongering and demanding that London have a similar stance. In other words, the Kiev regime demands that the UK raise its level of aid to Ukraine to a more advanced participation status in the conflict, without ruling out the possibility of directly sending troops – following Macron’s example.

“The UK was the first country to give NLAW anti-tank rocket launchers, the first country to pledge tanks, so we received some leeway from Kiev (…) But we are not pushing through capability thresholds any more. We’ve spent our political capital with [Ukrainian President] Vladimir Zelensky and we are not spending enough on military aid (…) The Ukrainians are disappointed with Britain’s stance at the moment. Germany has also told the UK it has to do more. From where we once were, it is galling to be told that,” sources said.

It is interesting to analyze how the newspaper’s sources admit an exhaustion of the country’s capacity to help Ukraine. So far, London has given Kiev more than five billion euros in military aid. In addition, there are many training programs for Ukrainian troops by the British armed forces, which makes aid even more widespread. However, apparently the UK is unable to reach the levels of countries like Germany, which has already sent more than nine billion euros in weapons and equipment.

There are many explanations for the lack of greater British aid to Kiev. First, it is necessary to emphasize that the UK is a country more integrated with the US than the rest of Europe, having greater participation in NATO’s decision-making process. Unlike European leaders, the British are not deceived by their own propaganda. They are aware that Kiev has no chance of victory, and that Russia does not plan to attack any Western country, which is why they are not so concerned about “preventing Russian victory at any cost.”

Not by chance, in a recent interview with Russian media, British spokespersons said that London will not authorize the sending of British troops to Ukraine. With this, the UK surprisingly takes a firm stance to avoid further escalating the conflict, contrary to what French President Emmanuel Macron has done.

Additionally, there is the economic issue. The UK is currently going through a serious economic crisis, facing recession and inflation. The country’s productive capacity is decreasing and consequently the money available to send to Kiev is reducing. In a way, it is possible to say that London has already done “everything it could” to help Ukraine, having reached a limit of its capabilities – precisely as explained by informants to the Daily Mail.

The lack of Ukrainian willingness to understand British circumstances had already been commented on previously by some officials. For example, former UK defense secretary Ben Wallace stated during the NATO summit in July that Zelensky should be more “grateful” for British efforts. In fact, the Kiev regime does not seem to act with any kind of gratitude. Zelensky and his supporters demand Western help as if supporting Ukraine were an “obligation”, which often angers politicians from NATO countries.

However, Zelensky’s stance is due to the position in which NATO itself has placed Ukraine. Kiev agreed to fight a proxy war against Russia, but the country needs constant arms shipments to continue fighting. The problem is that Western leaders did not expect the destruction of their equipment to happen so quickly. The Russian military’s ability to eliminate Western weapons made it impossible for NATO’s defense industry to continue producing equipment in a timely manner, which accelerated both the collapse of Ukrainian forces and the depletion of the Western military industry.

What is happening to the UK now will soon happen to every country that supports Kiev. At some point, the ability to help the regime will run out and there will be no alternative but to “abandon” Ukraine.


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