Americans want free, fair and credible election on November 5

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Americans are demanding a free, fair and credible election on November 5 as there is legitimate fear that the election will be heavily rigged, votes will be stolen and every form of evil manipulation will take place to ensure President Joe Biden’s victory. It may be mentioned here that, according to analysts, American democracy already is dead and replaced with “demoncracy” that stands for demonic autocracy or fascism. Many years ago, prior to 2020 election, Catholic leaders said “Biden is Satan’s secret weapon”, while others said – “Joe Biden is reincarnation of Adolf Hitler”. During the last four years, Biden has turned the United States into a land of grand chaos and absolute mess. Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants – including terrorists and drug dealers have succeeded in entering the US through widely-open borders. Very soon, a large segment of these illegal migrants shall pose a serious security threat to the US. At one point, Americans may declare war against these illegal migrants and their patrons. Over 450 million weapons from American households may come out on the streets. America may witness a bloody civil war.

Meanwhile Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies have pushed the country towards severe inflation, unemployment and possible mass-poverty. Ignoring the suffering of Americans, Biden is pushing-forward his mad proxy war in Ukraine by spending billions of dollars. He is also trying to open a few more newer war fronts in the world. If he succeeds, instead of meeting basic needs of the people – tax-payer’s dollars will pour into accounts of military industrial corporations in sending weapons and military hardware. Most importantly, all of these proxy wars Biden is starting – including the one in Ukraine – Washington shall face humiliating defeats and would finally be compelled to retreat in the same manner Biden has retreated from Afghanistan.

For Joe Biden, staying in power by hook or crook is essential as his defeat on November 5 may result in a series of legal proceedings that would land Biden and members of his crime family into prison for decades. That is why, Democratic Party is desperate to let Biden win. There will be massive election rigging while according to some analysts, they will try to stop Trump by getting him convicted through Democratic Party-leaning kangaroo courts. If Trump cannot be stopped through such notorious judicial machinery, Democrats will even attempt to get him eliminated.

Meanwhile, Lara Trump, the RNC co-chair told Fox News host Maria Bartirommo, the days of business as usual are over for the GOP. She said, “I can guarantee you, over the next eight months, you’re going to see things happen at the Republican National Committee unlike you have ever seen before because this is a must-win election. If Donald Trump is not elected on November 5 of this year, I do not believe we have the same country on the other side”.

Lara Trump warned those thinking about “cheating in an election” will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

“To anyone out there who’s thinking about cheating in an election, we will go after you. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law…Every person in this country should want free, fair, and transparent elections”, she said.

McDaniel’s decision to resign followed the South Carolina primary and came less than two weeks after Trump endorsed North Carolina GOP chairman Michael Whatley to be the next chairman of the RNC, his daughter-in-law Lara Trump to be co-chair, and top campaign aide Chris LaCivita to be the party’s chief operating officer.

“I think what we have to understand right now is that every tool in our war chest, we have to bring out because they are desperate, they are floundering. They are trying to sell a product to the American people in Joe Biden that they don’t want”, Lara Trump said.

“Look at the polling between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. If the election were held today, Donald Trump would win handily, no problem, hands down,” she continued. “We have to ensure that over the next eight months, we get people out to vote early, we ballot harvest like nothing we’ve ever seen and we ensure that every person who is legally able to vote can do so and anyone who legally is not able to vote cannot do so”.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has already indicated that the Department of Justice intends on interfering in the election, critics say.

“We are challenging efforts by states and jurisdictions to implement discriminatory, burdensome, and unnecessary restrictions on access to the ballot, including those related to mail-in voting, the use of drop boxes, and voter ID requirements”, he said last week.


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