Why the Red Sea is vital for US redeployment of Islamic State

Biden sought to crush Europe economically, and may well have done so.  Why and for whom are the questions

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It’s January 16, 2024 and an American container ship is burning in the Red Sea, hit by a Houthi missile.

But this was no ordinary ship, and there was a good reason it was traversing what has become the most dangerous waterway on earth, particularly for American shipping.  This was a weapons carrier, loaded with newly designed “technical,” Toyota Tundra trucks, top of the line, modified for terrorism over the open desert.

ISIS (Islamic State) is rearmed and redeployed and is moving again across the desert, with American helicopters overhead…again.

Only weeks ago, a similar ship docked in Eilat and offloaded its cargo.  Onboard were German and Swedish air defense systems, ‘technicals’ of course with installed missile systems, heavy machineguns and special “jammer” or EW/Electronic Warfare modules from the US, tested in Ukraine.

From Eilat, these cargoes are transferred to Jordan where they are moved by rail and truck into the US zone in Syria, the training and deployment center for ISIS at Al Tanf.

Trump’s order to “go for the oil” provided ISIS* with needed additional funding to that hidden in the Pentagon budget for “CENTCOM Operations.” Oil operations by ISIS* under US protection exists, not only in Syria’s Deir Ezzor but continues inside Iraq as well, with much of the high-value oil from the Kirkuk Field in Iraq, the largest in the world, mislabeled as “Azerbaijani” and sent to waiting tankers off the Turkish coast at Ceyhan.  This massive theft began not long after the US invasion over two decades ago and has continued, sharing revenue with key players in Turkey, the Barzani family, the Mossad and key US partners, two of whom are members of congress.

(The writer was a UN diplomat in Iraq tasked with overseeing the distribution of oil revenues at the height of the conflict).

The question, we suppose, is why the new ship of weapons, a veritable “sitting duck” with a billion dollars of death now “cooking off” for a world told not to watch.

Behind the proxy war on Iran which has, as of today, had some success at splitting Iraq and Iran, for a few days at least, is a need to remove Erdoğan.  This is the primary goal for the US and occupying 40% of Syria while supporting the PKK, ISIS, Al-Qaeda  and a rag tag group of “coffee house” terrorists that failed to bring down Assad in Syria.

Erdoğan is the problem, Syria not so much.  Erdoğan hasn’t forgotten the 2016 coup attempt, just two years after the NATO takeover of Ukraine.  These were very much planned together.

You see, it is Turkey that aided Russia in foiling the NATO destabilization of both Iraq and Syria with ISIS.

We must also remember that the US keeps over 80 nuclear weapons in Turkey.

The plan, it seems, is a redeployment of ISIS* against Southern Syria and Western Iraq as part of a regional war with Iran, where Saudi funded proxy forces could reignite an Iraqi civil war, heating the old Sunni/Shiite rivalries that kept Saddam in power.

Saudi Arabia, and to a lesser extent, the UAE, keeps Iraq’s commercial life under its control though Saddam’s ruling Sunni families who still hold power.

Today, Saudi Arabia has distanced itself from Biden and closed off land routes for weapons and deployment into Iraq, a logistics capability that allowed NATO to maintain its occupation making use of proxy or “rope-a-dope” terrorism.

This leaves only the Red Sea for safe deployment, unseen deployment, of war material required to reestablish the fake Islamic State at Mosul again, with its real secret headquarters in Erbil at the newly built US Consulate/Command Center.

Of course, the Iranian attack on Mossad HQ in Erbil in mid-January meant that someone “gets it.”

The other hub of resupply for ISIS* forces to be deployed against Daraa, south of Damascus, is Apartheid Israel itself.  The IAF/Israeli Air Force maintains secret highway landing strips where fully armed terror units openly walk into Jordan and follow a riverbed “superhighway” right into Syria.

When American C-130s are landing to terrorists, you can track them on Google Maps as the halted traffic flow shows up.  It’s funny, but no one ever asked how terrorists from South Korea or Indonesia got into Southern Syria, while the rest of us are harassed and searched whenever we risk air travel.

However, there is one problem.  Biden’s popularity in the US is non-existent.  His only hope is to repeat 9/11.  Toward that end, we are being bombarded with reports of possible nuclear or even biological terrorism against both Europe and the US with full knowledge of NATO, using Israeli assets.

These are very credible reports.  They are being tied to other reports of high levels of uranium enrichment by Iran and disinformation as to actual requirements for weapons grade refinement of nuclear materials.

Low-grade uranium can be made into a fission weapon, requiring considerable bulk, enough to prohibit “deliverability” in all but “truck bomb” configuration.

High-grade uranium/plutonium sufficient for a modern fission weapon is probably not being produced at all, according to the IAEA.

This fact is, to the West, a secret it seems, albeit a very public secret.

Where then?

Wider war, driven by America’s political meltdown.  Trump scheduled for prison, Biden hated by all since his Gaza war crimes backing and hopeless Ukraine fiasco.

Biden sought to crush Europe economically, and may well have done so.  Why and for whom are the questions.

But then those same questions apply to the “wider war” issue as well.

Republished with author’s permission from New Eastern Outlook


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