Ahrefs, Dmytro Gerasymenko and the band of Ukrainian cyber criminals

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For many years, an organization named ‘Ahrefs’ has been continuing activities under the banner of ‘Ahrefs Pte. Ltd’ (Registration number 201227417H) from 16 Raffles Quay, #33-03 Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581, being headed by a Ukrainian national named Dmytro Gerasymenko. On its website, this company says, “Ahrefs is a SaaS company. We create online SEO tools and free educational materials for marketing professionals”.

It further says:

We are a lean, multinational startup that’s headquartered in Singapore. We build products that are both meaningful and easy to use, and move fast to give our customers what matters most to them and to stay ahead of the game. Our motto is: First do it, then do it right, then do it better. Our small team is a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds, united by a big passion for technology and SEO [Search Engine Optimization].

In reality, Ahrefs is headed by Ukrainian national Dmytro Gerasymenko and other members of the team include few more Ukrainians such as Igor Pikovets, Anna Ignatenko, Andrii Antiukhov, Helen Datsenko, Sergey Mezhuev, Andrey Kirillov, Dmytro Babin, Liubomyr Mykhalchenko, Pavel Antoshkin, Sergey Deykin, Ksenia Erulevich, Yura Yeromenko, Oleksiy Golovko, Erik Sarissky, Egor Chemokhonenko, Yuliya Pass, Denis Strelkov, Anton Zhukov, Natasha Pechena and others, which is – under the garb of Software as a service (or SaaS) company has been engaged into numerous forms of cybercrimes.

For example, as Blitz published a report on February 23, 2024 exposing dubious activities of Ahrefs, our site came under cyberattack on March 2, 2024 and the attackers tried to delete thousands of contents. Since then, there have been cyberattacks targeting Blitz on a daily basis.

According to his X account, Dmytro Gerasymenko claims to be a “botsbreeder”, as well as “Founder and CEO” of Ahrefs that says “we make awesome SEO tools, powered by seriously big data”. Another website says “Ahrefs Pte. Ltd. is a software company that develops online SEO tools and free educational materials for marketing professionals”. Meaning, Ahrefs is nothing more than a software company that develops online SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. More clearly, it is a business entity. Since the beginning of conflict in Ukraine, Dmytro has been consistently targeting newspaper sites which are not running anti-Russia propaganda or are exposing facts about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and neo-Nazis in Kiev. And now, Blitz has fallen victim to Dmytro Gerasymenko, who has been spreading outrageous lies centering this 21-year-old newspaper.

According to an individual named “Holly Inna” claiming to be representing ‘Serp Reach’ (WhatsApp number +447537183747), Ahrefs told them that the “monthly organic traffic of Blitz is 465”.

Such outrageously false and funny information Ahrefs keeps on providing people targeting Blitz at the direct initiative of Dmytro Gerasymenko, who according to a credible source is connected to Ukrainian neo-Nazis as well as Kiev’s intelligence agency. The source further said, sitting in Singapore, Dmytro Gerasymenko also is directly involved in helping corrupt individuals in Ukraine in laundering hundreds of millions of dollars. A source told this correspondent, under the garb of “Ahrefs”, Dmytro Gerasymenko is running cybercrimes, including targeting pro-Russian websites with DDoS attacks as well as defaming newspaper sites which do not publish western and Ukrainian propaganda targeting Russia and Russians.

Singapore authorities need to initiate investigation into the dubious activities of Ahrefs, particularly Ukrainian nationals involved with this entity.


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