Democrats planning January 6 type revolt against Donald Trump

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As prospect of establishment’s candidate Nikki Haley emerging as Republican Party’s candidate defeating Donald Trump in primaries have already been doomed while there is sharp prediction of Joe Biden facing humiliating defeat against his rival Donald Trump, Democratic Party have a backup plan in case their lawfare campaign to stop Donald Trump in the courts fails, which looks quite likely after last week’s turn of events in three of Trump’s court cases. That backup plan involves doing exactly what Democrats accused Trump of doing on January 6, 2021, a columnist wrote.

Jonathan S, Tobin wrote in The Federalist, “Democrats have spent the last three years labeling former President Donald Trump and any other Republican who questioned the 2020 presidential election results as ‘insurrectionists’”.

If the courts “won’t do their bidding,” Tobin added, Democrats plan on “doing exactly what they labeled as ‘insurrection’ when Republicans half-heartedly played at doing the same thing in January 2021, when some of them voted not to certify the vote of the Electoral College that handed the election to Biden. And if Democrats win control of Congress in November, something that could happen even if Trump also wins the presidency, they could succeed where the GOP failed and overturn the election”.

Won’t Democrats be skittish of such a plan lest they be labeled hypocrites?

“Anyone who imagines that the charge of hypocrisy will stop Democrats from doing anything they can to stop Trump from taking office hasn’t been paying attention to American politics for the last eight years,” Tobin wrote. “Having convinced themselves that Trump is an authoritarian threat to American democracy as well as a stooge of Vladimir Putin — with the Russian collusion hoax now being revived — it is inconceivable that even a clear defeat in the November election would prevent them from using every means at their disposal to overturn such a result”.

Trump and the Republicans have learned in the last year that “the hyperbole about defending democracy wasn’t just disingenuous,” Tobin wrote. “It was also a matter of projection. Democrats have unleashed a far-ranging lawfare campaign aimed at throwing Trump off the ballot and convicting him on an array of bogus crimes. In New York state, a bizarre lawsuit has used a legitimate real estate transaction as the excuse for a case in which a partisan judge and legal system seeks to destroy Trump’s family business and confiscate his wealth in a manner reminiscent of banana republic proscriptions”.

Tobin continued:

“If Democrats didn’t blush at the use of such naked authoritarian tactics — New York Gov. Kathy Hochul even said the quiet part out loud when she assured other business owners that they needn’t fear being the victims of a similarly arbitrary prosecution because it could only be applied to Trump — what would prevent them from trying to overturn an election they lost to the former president?

“They have good reason to fear a Trump victory. With Biden’s favorability ratings at a historical low for an incumbent seeking reelection and Trump leading him in the RealClearPolitics average of surveys of head-to-head matchups and in polls with third-party candidates included, the president is in big trouble”.

Given a Trump win on November 5, Tobin added, “you can count on Washington to be swarming with angry leftists and liberals next January in a manner to put the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally MAGA demonstrators of 2021 to shame”.

“Democrats know the courts won’t let them get their way on preventing Trump from being on the ballot and worry that their bogus lawfare trials against him either won’t succeed in jailing him in time or will be ignored by voters who understand undemocratic behavior when they see it. If they do control Congress in January, the chances of them using that power to undo an election loss to Trump seems like the safest possible bet”, Tobin concluded.

Meanwhile, according to analysts, once Democratic Party launches January 6, 2021 type intersection to prevent Trump from assuming office, it may turn into a civil war initially between Democrats and Republicans which will later turn into Americans versus Americans. In that case, a major portion of 450 million weapons may come out of American households thus leading to a real catastrophe. Hundreds and thousands of people would die thus pushing America towards a total destruction.


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