Bangladesh PM’s Security Advisor suggests comprehensive governance and administrative efficacy


Major General (Retired) Tarique Ahmed Siddique, the Security Adviser to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, emerged as a central figure at the annual conference of deputy commissioners (DCs), lending his expertise to chart a course for comprehensive governance and administrative efficacy. The event, spanning four days at the esteemed Osmani Memorial Auditorium, witnessed Major General Siddique deliver a compelling discourse, echoing the government’s commitment to grassroots empowerment and responsive governance.

Inaugurated by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the conference marked a significant milestone in the nation’s administrative landscape, signaling a renewed emphasis on decentralization and participatory governance. Prime Minister Hasina’s presence underscored her unwavering dedication to fostering synergy between policymakers and district-level administrators, as she inaugurated the DC Conference-2024 at the prestigious Shapla Hall of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Amidst an ambitious agenda encompassing 30 sessions, including 25 working sessions, the conference served as a crucible for deliberations on 356 proposals meticulously curated by the DCs. These proposals, tailored to address the diverse needs of local communities, ranged from infrastructural development initiatives to social welfare programs aimed at alleviating poverty and enhancing livelihood opportunities.

A poignant issue raised by the Deputy Commissioners pertained to the scarcity of helicopters for emergency operations, highlighting the imperative of swift and efficient disaster response mechanisms. Major General (Retired) Tarique Ahmed Siddique, cognizant of prevailing fiscal constraints amidst global economic uncertainties, underscored the government’s commitment to optimizing resource allocation while ensuring the seamless delivery of essential services to vulnerable populations.

The conference also provided a platform for in-depth discussions on strategic imperatives such as the modernization of radar systems in Cox’s Bazar and meteorological stations, as well as the establishment of signal lighthouses in coastal regions prone to natural calamities. Moreover, emphasis was placed on fostering synergistic collaborations between civil and military entities to fortify border security infrastructure and streamline operational protocols, ensuring a robust response to emerging security threats.

Addressing concerns surrounding cross-border incidents, Major General (Retired) Tarique Ahmed Siddique offered nuanced perspectives on border security dynamics, reframing such incidents as complex challenges requiring multifaceted solutions. His remarks underscored the intricacies of managing transnational security threats while preserving diplomatic relations with neighboring countries.

Prime Minister Hasina’s visionary initiative to establish border haats (bazaars) garnered accolades during the conference, hailed as a transformative step towards curbing smuggling activities and promoting bilateral trade.

Major General Tarique Ahmed Siddique lauded the initiative as a testament to the government’s commitment to fostering regional stability and prosperity through inclusive economic policies.

The annual gathering of deputy commissioners underscored Bangladesh’s steadfast dedication to inclusive governance and sustainable development. The presence of Major General (Retired) Tarique Ahmed Siddique, the Security Affairs Adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, vividly demonstrated the crucial role of security advisers in crafting comprehensive policy frameworks. Their work aims to confront diverse challenges and guide the nation towards prosperity and resilience amid changing global conditions.


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