Biden family dogs continue attacking Secret Service

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In recent months, the Biden family’s German Shepherd, Commander, has unexpectedly garnered widespread attention, but not for the reasons one might expect. Initially welcomed into the First Family’s fold as a seemingly benign addition, Commander’s presence has since become fraught with troubling incidents, including multiple attacks on Secret Service members and White House staff. Each new revelation unveils a deeper layer of Commander’s aggression, sparking a critical reevaluation of the safety measures in place within the White House and raising pertinent questions about the responsibilities of pet owners in such esteemed positions. As the spotlight intensifies on Commander’s behavior, so too does the urgency to address the underlying issues and ensure the well-being of all individuals in the White House ecosystem.

The most recent collection of emails obtained by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch reveals a troubling pattern in Commander’s behavior. These reports unveil numerous occasions where the dog displayed aggression by snapping and lunging at Secret Service agents, significantly endangering their safety. One especially alarming incident detailed in an email described Commander’s sudden attack on an agent as they were simply fulfilling their duty to open a door for First Lady Jill Biden. In this distressing moment, Commander’s aggression resulted in torn clothing and inflicted painful lacerations upon the agent, highlighting the severity of the situation.

These occurrences were far from isolated anomalies. The documents unearthed depict a disturbing pattern, revealing no less than two dozen distinct attacks on Secret Service agents across multiple locations frequented by the Bidens, including the prestigious Camp David. The seriousness of these incidents cannot be emphasized enough, as some agents required immediate medical attention following encounters with Commander’s aggression. Such frequent and severe attacks underscore the pressing need for comprehensive intervention and heightened safety measures to mitigate the risks posed by Commander’s behavior within the First Family’s residences and beyond.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, expressed profound apprehension regarding the situation, underscoring the grave danger posed by Commander’s unrestrained aggression. “The Bidens should consider themselves fortunate that no lives have been lost due to their cavalier disregard for the safety of Secret Service and White House personnel,” Fitton stressed. He went on to criticize the Biden administration vehemently, condemning their tolerance of such behavior as “an especially egregious display of recklessness and negligence.” Fitton’s remarks highlight the urgent need for accountability and decisive action to address the ongoing risks posed by Commander’s behavior, underscoring the imperative of prioritizing the safety and well-being of those entrusted with protecting the President and his family.

This isn’t the first time the Biden family’s dogs have stirred controversy. Major, Commander’s predecessor, was also ousted from the White House due to similar aggressive tendencies. Secret Service communications, as revealed by The Western Journal, documented Major’s troubling behavior, including biting at least seven individuals within a four-month period. These incidents culminated in one officer requiring hospitalization due to the severity of their injuries. The striking parallels between Major and Commander’s conduct underscore a systemic issue that demands attention. It’s evident that the Biden family’s canine companions have posed consistent challenges, raising significant concerns about the adequacy of training and oversight provided to these animals within the White House environment. Addressing this recurring issue is crucial to ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals working within the presidential residence.

The parallels between Major and Commander’s behavior are unquestionably troubling. Both dogs demonstrated a consistent pattern of aggression towards Secret Service members and White House staff, prompting serious concerns about the adequacy of their training and supervision. Despite being aware of Major’s tumultuous history, it appears the Bidens failed to effectively address the issue, inadvertently allowing Commander to perpetuate a distressing cycle of attacks.

Criticism has been leveled at both the Biden administration and the Secret Service for their perceived inadequate response to the situation. Rather than taking proactive steps to address the issue, there have been concerted efforts to downplay the severity of the attacks and withhold crucial information from public scrutiny. This lack of transparency only serves to erode trust in the institutions responsible for protecting the President and his family, further exacerbating concerns about the safety of those working within the White House environment. It is imperative that these issues are addressed swiftly and transparently to ensure the well-being of all individuals involved.

Amidst these revelations, there is a resounding chorus demanding heightened accountability and the implementation of stricter measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. The responsibility of pet ownership, particularly within the esteemed confines of the White House, carries an immense weight-one that cannot be shirked. The paramount concern must be the safety and well-being of Secret Service agents and White House staff, with any perceived threat, whether from humans or canines, warranting prompt and decisive action.

As the Biden family endeavors to find a new home for Commander and reflects on the unfolding events, it becomes imperative to glean invaluable lessons from this sobering saga. The welfare of all individuals within the White House milieu, including its four-legged residents, must be prioritized to ensure a milieu that is not only safe but also secure for all stakeholders involved. Only through such earnest efforts can trust and confidence in the institutions tasked with safeguarding the President and his family be genuinely reinstated, fortifying the sanctity of the White House and its occupants.


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