Chinese National Security Authority denounces CIA’s espionage accusations

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In a recent bilingual article published on its WeChat account, China’s Ministry of State Security responded vehemently to accusations made by William Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), regarding China’s anti-espionage measures. The Ministry accused the CIA of escalating espionage efforts against China while simultaneously attempting to vilify China’s defensive actions.

Against the backdrop of ongoing efforts to stabilize and improve relations between China and the United States, Burns disclosed in a Foreign Affairs article titled “Spycraft and Statecraft” that the CIA has significantly increased its resources devoted to intelligence operations targeting China. The agency has reportedly doubled the portion of its budget allocated to China-related intelligence activities over the past two years, expanding its focus on China across all departments.

Responding to Burns’ remarks, the Chinese security authority criticized the CIA’s pattern of targeting China while portraying its defensive actions as malevolent. The authority highlighted the hypocrisy of the CIA’s stance, labeling it as a classic example of hegemonic behavior and bullying tactics. Li Wei, an expert on national security, emphasized that the CIA’s intensified focus on China reflects its efforts to maintain global dominance in intelligence gathering.

The Ministry of State Security revealed that the CIA established the China Mission Center in October 2021, drawing parallels to its approach toward the former Soviet Union during the Cold War era. Burns boasted publicly in July 2023 about the CIA’s progress in rebuilding its intelligence network in China, signaling an unprecedented level of engagement by the agency.

In response to heightened espionage threats, China revised its Counterespionage Law in 2023, enhancing legal frameworks for counterespionage activities. However, the CIA has distorted these revisions, falsely portraying them as undermining national security and business environments.

The Chinese security authority emphasized that the revisions to the Counterespionage Law are essential for promoting the rule of law and safeguarding national security. It reiterated China’s commitment to conducting counterespionage activities within the bounds of international norms and laws.

While acknowledging the legitimate national security concerns of all countries, the authority asserted that China will not compromise its own security in the face of escalating espionage threats. It emphasized the necessity of using legal means to combat espionage activities to ensure a safe environment for peaceful cooperation and investment in China.

The Ministry of State Security’s bilingual article serves as a reminder to both domestic and international audiences of China’s unwavering determination to safeguard its national security within the bounds of international law and conventions. It underscores China’s commitment to maintaining a secure and stable environment for cooperation and development.


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