Dubai turns into ‘sin city’ of the Middle East


Couple of years ago, this newspaper had first exposed activities inside ‘B52 Discotheque’, located inside ‘Fortune Grand Hotel’ in Muteena (Deira) which has been Dubai’s epicenter of sex workers from various nations, including Filipinas, Ukrainians, Uzbek, Indians, Pakistanis, Lebanese, Egyptians, and even Bangladeshis, whereas ‘B52 Discotheque’ was offering prostitutes for AED (UAE Dirham) 500 to AED 1500 to its customers, while it also was helping customers in the booking rooms at Fortune Grand Hotel or nearby cheaper hotels and secret guest houses.

According to another source, in addition to offering sex workers to customers, B2 Discotheque owners also sell drugs, such as amphetamine to prospective buyers, while it also maintains a “home delivery” service of drugs and “escort service”.

One of the most alarming information about B2 Discotheque is, most of the sex workers working in that place are in Dubai on visit visa. Mostly these sex workers arrive in Dubai on a 3-months visit visa and leave the country on expiry of the visa and re-enter with a fresh visa. Some of these sex workers make 3-4 trips every year to Dubai.

Tripadvisor branded B2 Discotheque as “disco for prostitutes”. A customer of this discotheque said: “We were the hotel guests in the B2 Discotheque. But they changed us the same as others, it was too crowded and one shot of vodka cost me 70 dirhams! There were all kinds of prostitutes all over me and didn’t let me have fun. There were no seats to sit and if there was a vacant seat, the manager wouldn’t let us sit unless we paid a great deal of money! My advice: Don’t go! You can find way better discos with that amount of money!”

Another person, who visited the B2 Discotheque wrote: “We arrived and there were 2 girls at the entry collecting entry fees. We asked them nicely how much it would cost per person. But the one seated, Asian looking girl, looked down on me, typed the equivalent of €500 (a bit more than 2,000 AED) on her calculator and showed it to me, chewing her gum like a “ratchet”. While I was standing in front of her, shocked and speechless, my friend standing behind me, a man and a lady paid only 200 AED right in front of me and went in. It seems, this discotheque is cheating foreigners”.

Dubai – the city of sex and hookers

While the majority of the people, who are yet to visit Dubai may perceive it as an Islamic State that prohibits red-light districts or prostitution. But in reality, Dubai is the sin city of the Middle East which allows night clubs, escort services, and even sex workers at a large number of nightclubs, whereas, Dubai hotel staff also pimps sex workers in the rooms of the customers.

Anyone visiting a nightclub, bar or pub in Dubai would definitely see those being flooded by female escorts from several countries in the world, even including El-Salvador, who would not show any sign of hesitation in luring the male customers towards having sex. Although a major segment of Dubai sex workers is from the Philippines, there also are a growing number of them from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Iran and African nations. In Dubai, for any sex workers, there are no restrictions in entering any of the clubs.

In addition to nightclubs in Dubai, there are also plenty of places which also are known as “hooker pick up point” that include  Pierchic at Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah, Al Dawaar Revolving Bistro at Hyatt Regency,Al Khaleej, Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara G Floors, Burj Al Arab, Hakkasan at G Flooring, Emirates Systems Resorts, Trade Center, Prime68 at 68th Floor, JW Marriott Lodge – Sheikh Zayed Road, The Coastline Pub & Barbecue Grill at Royal Mirage,Al Safouh Road, Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria at Cluster R, Jumeirah Lake Systems, Bahri Club at Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, Madinat Jumeirah, Blue Bar at Novotel Community Trade Centre and others.


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