Russia’s Rostec to unveil flagship Supercam Drone at World Defense Show


The World Defense Show will take place in Saudi Arabia on February 4-8 and is set to be one of the largest defense exhibitions in the Middle East. The event will bring together global defense leaders and industry experts to showcase cutting-edge technologies and innovations in defense and security solutions.

The Rostec State Corporation will present its flagship Supercam S350 drone at the World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia, the company told reporters on Wednesday.

“The drone can effectively perform aerial photography and video surveillance at altitudes from 150 meters to five kilometers. The drone is already in great demand by Russian operators,” the company said.

The Supercam S350’s flight duration is up to several hours, and it has a speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour. The device can be used for monitoring fuel and energy facilities, reconnaissance, territorial defense, and other tasks.

The Supercam S350 can be equipped with a variety of payloads, ranging from a camera and thermal imager to a gas analyzer and laser scanning system. The drone’s key features include rapid assembly, modular composite elements, and a system to detach the wing consoles during landing to prevent possible damage.

The second World Defense Show-2024 will be held in Riyadh on February 4-8. Rostec will present a wide range of weapons to the participants and visitors of the event, in particular armored vehicles, ammunition, helicopters and air planes, small arms, and countermeasures against drones.


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