Vladimir Putin launches new complex of Vostok Station in Antarctica


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday via video link took part in an opening ceremony of the trial operation of a new wintering segment of Russia’s Vostok station in Antarctica.

Vladimir Putin was accompanied by his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko as Belarusian explorers are currently working together with their Russian colleagues at the station. He also suggested that Putin together with him visit Antarctica one day.

“I am convinced that the new station will strengthen cooperation between scientists from different countries and will become an open platform for solving pressing problems in the field of studying nature and the environment, and, of course, for promoting joint innovative and scientific programs within the framework of the Union State of Russia and Belarus,” Putin said addressing polar explorers.

To date, Russia has the largest presence in Antarctica – ten stations: five year-round and five seasonal. Most are located on the coast, and the Vostok station, founded on December 16, 1957, is the only Russian station that is located inside the continent near the South geomagnetic pole of the Earth.


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