Donald Trump proves again, he is not Joe Biden


While the Republican National Committee (RNC) wants to make Donald Trump their presumptive nominee as they have far more votes than required to do so, former President Donald Trump disagrees to its for the “sake of party unity”. According to Fox News, on January 25, 2024 the former president made the remarks on his proprietary social media platform, Truth Social saying: “While I greatly appreciate the Republican National Committee (RNC) wanting to make me their PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE, and while they have far more votes than necessary to do it, I feel, for the sake of PARTY UNITY, that they should NOT go forward with this plan, but that I should do it the ‘Old Fashioned’ way, and finish the process off AT THE BALLOT BOX”.

Meanwhile, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is facing growing calls for her to leave the 2024 presidential race as the RNC nearly considered a resolution to declare Trump the party’s presumptive nominee.

Earlier in a statement, RNC spokesperson Keith Schipper said, “Resolutions, such as this one, are brought forward by members of the RNC. Chairwoman McDaniel doesn’t offer resolutions. This will be taken up by the Resolutions Committee, and they will decide whether to send this resolution to be voted on by the 168 RNC members at our annual meeting next week”.

According to media reports, the resolution has been later withdrawn at the request of Donald Trump as he is against the idea of pressuring the Republican National Committee into declaring him a “presumptive nominee,” saying that he would rather beat Nikki Haley at the ballot box the “old-fashioned way”.

Trump’s statement counters the initiatives spearheaded by David Bossie, a former aide to his campaign and a member of the RNC committee. Bossie has been advocating for Republicans to unite behind the former president, even though the primary is still ongoing.

Earlier, Nikki Haley’s campaign conveyed to Fox News Digital that the determination of the party’s nominee would ultimately rest in the hands of the numerous Republican voters nationwide, rather than a group of influential individuals based in Washington.

Trump achieved resounding victories in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary in January, leaving little hope for Nikki Haley, the sole remaining alternative to the former president in the race, to perform well in the upcoming South Carolina primary, despite it being her home state.

According to a recent study of polling data conducted by the political analysis website FiveThirtyEight, Donald Trump is significantly ahead in the upcoming Republican South Carolina presidential primary, Newsweek noted.

According to the latest FiveThirtyEight forecast, published on January 24, Donald Trump is the favored candidate of 62.2 percent of probable voters in the South Carolina GOP [Grand Old Party] primary, surpassing the state’s former governor, Nikki Haley, who has the support of 25 percent of voters.

It may be mentioned here that, Trump achieved a decisive victory in the Republican Iowa caucus on January 15, surpassing Ron DeSantis with 51 percent of the vote compared to 21.2 percent. Shortly thereafter, the governor of Florida withdrew from the race and publicly supported the former president.

After eight days, Trump emerged victorious in the New Hampshire primary, albeit with a smaller lead, securing 54.3 percent of the votes compared to Haley’s 43.3 percent.

The South Carolina primary, scheduled for February 24, will serve as the subsequent ballot in the Republican competition to designate the party’s 2024 presidential nominee, taking place in Nikki Haley’s state of origin.

According to a survey by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates, 68 percent of the 600 likely Republican voters in South Carolina polled expressed support for Donald Trump, while only 28 percent preferred Nikki Haley.

Despite her loss in New Hampshire, Nikki Haley firmly stated that she will not withdraw from the 2024 race, even after receiving a request to do so from Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel. Such a stubborn tendency of Nikki Haley though would not be of any benefit to her wild ambition of becoming America’s first female president. Some of the critics are comparing such tendency of Nikki Haley with that of Hillary Clinton.

Nevertheless, Trump issued a cautionary statement on his Truth Social platform, stating that individuals who make contributions to Nikki Haley’s campaign will face permanent exclusion from the MAGA [Make America Great Again] community.

Mockingly branding Nikki Haley as a “birdbrain”, the Donald Trump remarked:

“I knew Nikki well, she was average at best, is not the one to take on World Leaders, and she never did. That was up to me, and that is why they respected the United States. When I ran for Office and won, I noticed that the losing candidate’s ‘Donors’ would immediately come to me, and want to ‘help out’. This is standard in Politics, but no longer with me. Anybody that makes a ‘Contribution’ to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp. We don’t want them, and will not accept them, because we Put America First, and ALWAYS WILL!”

In my opinion, Nikki Haley wants to remain in the race although she has been consistently losing just because she wants to use donor’s fund in remaining in the media – as many days as possible, while she also knows and realizes – road to White House has already become a mission impossible for her. It is also my assumption – some wealthy people and possibly Joe Biden and his Democratic Party are making frantic bids in somehow ousting Donald Trump from the race as for Joe Biden winning the November 5, 2024 election against Trump too is a mission impossible.

Most importantly, what we need to evaluate here is difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Should it happen with Biden when his own part was willing to pass a resolution declaring him as party’s candidate and drop his rival – a delighted Joe would immediately accept it. That is what Biden is.


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