Bangladesh and China forge strategic alliance for mutual progress and prosperity


In a momentous diplomatic engagement, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has reiterated her call for expanded Chinese cooperation to expedite Bangladesh’s ongoing development journey. Recognizing China as a linchpin in Bangladesh’s development and a vital strategic partner, the Prime Minister emphasized the need for a more robust collaboration during a meeting with Chinese Communist Party’s Vice-Minister of the International Department, Sun Haiyan, held at the official Ganabhaban residence. This exchange underscores the enduring commitment to mutual progress and sets the stage for a deepened, multifaceted partnership.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, acknowledging China’s significant role as a longstanding ally, voiced her optimism about the potential for increased cooperation. In her statement, she urged China to extend its support beyond previous levels, envisioning a partnership that transcends conventional boundaries to smoothen the trajectory of Bangladesh’s development. This plea underscores the depth of the bilateral relationship and the shared commitment to fostering socio-economic growth.

During the meeting, Sun Haiyan conveyed President Xi Jinping’s warm greetings to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, expressing confidence in her leadership and her unwavering commitment to changing the fate of the Bangladeshi people. President Xi’s words echo a shared vision for progress and affirm the longstanding camaraderie between the leaders of both nations.

In addition to conveying President Xi’s greetings, Sun Haiyan extended heartfelt congratulations to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on behalf of the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China (CPC) for her recent reelection. The Chinese vice minister also lauded the achievements of Sheikh Hasina’s daughter, Saima Wazed, in her new role as the Regional Director of the World Health Organization (WHO). Sun Haiyan expressed optimism about Saima Wazed’s potential to make a global impact, particularly in addressing autism on an international scale.

Reflecting on her numerous visits to Bangladesh since 1991, Sun Haiyan commended the remarkable and transformative development witnessed in the country. She highlighted the concerted efforts to elevate living standards, attributing the progress to the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The prime minister reciprocated by acknowledging the role played by her government in instilling confidence among the people, leading to substantial positive change.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina underscored the importance of the consistent governance provided by her government in implementing socio-economic development plans. Stressing the need for continuity, she emphasized the role this consistency has played in achieving significant milestones. To illustrate the tangible impact of ongoing initiatives, she encouraged Sun Haiyan to visit rural areas and witness firsthand the transformative changes occurring across the country.

The discussions delved into the collaborative prospects between China and Bangladesh, with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina highlighting her government’s dedication to completing the unfinished tasks initiated by the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Urging a collective effort to improve the lives of Bangladeshis, she sought Chinese cooperation in realizing these ambitious goals.

Sun Haiyan stressed the need for enhancing collaboration between the Communist Party of China and Bangladesh Awami League through an increase in joint programs. This emphasis on strengthening political and party-level exchanges reflects a broader commitment to fostering a deeper understanding between the two nations.

The meeting between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Chinese Vice-Minister Sun Haiyan marks a significant chapter in the enduring partnership between Bangladesh and China. The discussions not only emphasize the shared commitment to advancing socio-economic development but also underscore the potential for a comprehensive and transformative collaboration. As both nations chart a course for the future, the reinforced ties hold the promise of fostering positive changes not only for Bangladesh but also for the broader regional landscape. This diplomatic engagement serves as a testament to the enduring friendship and the potential for sustained growth and prosperity through continued cooperation.



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