Al Qaeda man infiltrates inside White House, UN


While there are a large number of Muslim staffers inside White House who are having connections with Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, there is a disturbing information about an individual representing an Al Qaeda-connected terrorist organization who has succeeded in infiltrating inside White House, State Department and also the United Nations office in New York City with the false identity of a journalist representing a Bangladesh media.

According to information, an individual named Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey succeeded in obtaining press accreditation cards from White House, State Department and the United Nations by falsely proclaiming as the “US Correspondent” of a website named “Just News BD”, despite the fact, no such website exists in Bangladesh. In fact, Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey has been running this website from the United States alongside few more organizations, namely – Right to Freedom, South Asia Perspectives etcetera – which are funded by ultra-Islamist and pro-Al Qaeda – Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Address of all of these entities is 1015 15th St NW, Suite 600, Washington DC, 20005.

Few years ago, journalist Alex Perry gave bone-chilling description of how at the invitation of BNP leaders, a group of Al Qaeda members led by Osama bin-Laden’s second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri visited Bangladesh, stayed for months and held secret meetings with several key-figures of BNP and JeI. It is learnt from credible source, during Ayman al-Zawahiri’s stay in Dhaka, Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey, a confidante of convicted terrorist and acting chairman of BNP – Tarique Rahman met Zawahiri on a number of occasions. At that time, Ansarey was working as the Deputy Press Secretary to then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia and was part of the conspiracy team of August 21, 2004 grenade attacks. At the instruction of Tarique Rahman, he also secretly travelled to India via Sylhet border and held meetings with Paresh Baruah.

Then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia’s son Tarique Rahman, is seen by the US administration as “notorious and widely feared son of former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia” and “a symbol of kleptocratic government and violent politics in Bangladesh”.

It is assumed, sitting in the United States, Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey is maintaining connections with Pakistani spy agency ISI as well as members of Al Qaeda. His frequent visit at the State Department, White House and the UN offices may pose serious security threats to the United States as he may play the role of recruiter and handler of both ISI and Al Qaeda.

Islamists inside Biden’s White House

Maher Bitar is a former executive board member of the Hatem Bazian’s Students for Justice in Palestine and anti-Israel BDS activist who became Senior Director in Biden’s White House.

Biden’s White House also has Reema Dodin as his first Palestinian Muslim staffer, who had defended suicide bombings, and Mazen Basrawi, as Muslim liaison officer who attended a conference honoring one of the unindicted co-conspirators of the World Trade Center bombing.

There are many more radical Muslims amongst 100 Muslim staffers at White House, which include Aya Ibrahim, who started out as a legislative fellow to Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, one of the most vocal terrorist supporters in Congress, and then a legislative assistant and adviser to fellow Squad member Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley. Joe Biden took Aya Ibrahim on and brought her into the National Economic Council and then elevated her to a senior adviser in the White House Office of Technology and Policy only six years after she had graduated with a BA in Political Science.

Sameera Fazili, who served as the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council in the Biden administration, during her student life at Harvard University had served as president of the Harvard Islamic Society.

Sameera Fazili was also a top adviser to Senator harry Reid and worked for Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. Fazili also had a past with Karamah: Muslim Women for Human Rights which claims that “Islamic jurisprudence is the source of the knowledge base essential to the promotion of the rights of Muslim women”. The organization has defended Sharia law.

According to an article published in the Middle East Forum’s Islamist Watch, Sameera Fazili was a leading member of Stand With Kashmir: “best known for praising and defending violent Islamists in South Asia”. Her organization had called for the release of Islamic terrorists including supporters of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Sameera Fazili is diehard anti-Hindu and anti-India who continues to propagate stating Jammu and Kashmir region is being “illegally occupied territory”. He also has been one of the most notorious Islamist bigots who claim Muslims in India are “victimized by Hindutva forces”.

Uzara Zeya was appointed as the undersecretary for civilian security, democracy and human rights at Biden’s White House has been actively involved with the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs – an informal arm of the Arab Lobby. Zeya helped compile material for a book claiming that Jews secretly control the United States.

After Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown in Egypt, Uzara Zeya complained that “there are activists – including some in Egypt – who face criminal charges and intimidation for the peaceful exercise of their rights”.

Salman Ahmed, oversees Biden team’s national security and foreign policy review, before taking over at the Director of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff. When Biden allowed the Taliban to take Kabul, Ahmed was sent to negotiate with the Taliban in Qatar.

Rashad Hussain is Joe Biden’s “ambassador for religious freedom”, who has a

degree in Islamic Studies and had memorized the Koran, had been Obama’s envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). During his time working for Obama, he had been caught lying about his past defense of an Islamic terrorist. Hussain had appeared at events with Muslim Brotherhood leaders. His wife, Isra Bhatty, became famous volunteering as a translator for Islamic terrorists in Gitmo before moving on to a senior position at the Justice Department.

Even after Hussain’s appointment, he appeared at an Islamic Society of North America convention whose speakers had “promoted anti-Hindu rhetoric, called for the release of convicted terror supporters and for the establishment of a caliphate”.

Brenda Abdelall, a radical Muslim joined “Arab Americans for Biden” and was rewarded with a position at the Department of Homeland Security as “assistant secretary for partnership and engagement”.


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