Israeli intelligence secures arrests of Hamas-connected terrorists in Europe


The Israeli intelligence agency and its European counterpart have started combating Palestinian mega-terror outfit Hamas connections in Europe and nabbing suspected members of this notorious terrorist entity, an announcement of the Israeli Prime Minister’s office said.

According to information, Palestinian Hamas has been operating throughout European street gangs and even planned to obtain drones to attack Jewish and Israeli targets, including the Israeli embassy in Sweden.

Back in mid-December 2023, law enforcement agencies in Denmark and Germany announced the arrest of Hamas-affiliated suspected terrorists who were subject to judicial proceedings. Even in January 2024, more arrests of suspected Hamas-connected terrorists took place in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

According to counterterrorism researchers, many terrorist groups work under the façade of street gangs, such as the Danish gang Loyal to Familia or LTF which was outlawed in Denmark in 2021. Recently it was revealed that LTF is maintaining connections with Hamas. In addition to its activities in Denmark, LTF also has presence in Sweden and Germany, where it is also pushing-forward Hamas agenda of targeting Jews and Israeli establishments.

In Sweden, LTF’s attempted bid of obtaining drones to attack Israeli embassy was unearthed by the law enforcement agencies. Hamas draws inspiration from the terrorist activities of the Iranian regime, and like it, aims to hit Israeli, Jewish, and Western targets at any cost.

Connections between Hamas and terrorist groups in Europe was exposed following the killing of Saleh Arouri, a commander of the Palestinian mega-terror outfit in early January 2024. Two other Hamas terrorists killed in the attack were Samir Fandi and Azzam Akre.

Azzam Akre commanded Khalil al-Kharaz who directed Hamas in Lebanon until he was killed in November 2023.

According to law enforcement agencies, Khalil al-Kharaz was a director of Hamas cells in Europe, including the one that was planning the attack on the Israeli embassy in Sweden. It was also Kharaz who made contact with LTF.

Media reports said, the death of these Hamas leaders made available information to the Mossad and Shin Bet that allowed them to locate terrorist targets in Europe and other areas.

In a statement, Israeli intelligence officials said, “The Mossad, the Shin Bet, and the IDF, in partnership with international security and enforcement organizations, will continue the effort to thwart the plans of Hamas and all terrorist organizations, and to deal with them anywhere in the world for the security of the State of Israel and the Jewish people”.

Meanwhile, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is infamous for its anti-Semitic bias and Israel-Jew hatred recently has walked back a story admitting that the news item in question on the Israel-Hamas war was not properly investigated before being aired on the radio.

It may be mentioned here that on December 24, 2023, BBC aired a news bulleting which carried claims promoted by Hamas accusing Israel of “summarily executing” at least 137 Gazans during the war in the coastal enclave.

The broadcast, which appears to have been based off of an unverified AFP report, noted that the source of the claim was the Hamas terror organization, but, as the BBC acknowledged this week, the accusation itself had not been properly scrutinized.

“In overnight output we ran a story about Hamas accusing the Israeli army of carrying out summary executions in the Gaza Strip”, the BBC said in its “Corrections and Clarifications” section.

“This was a Hamas statement, but although the accusations were attributed and our story contained a response from the Israeli military saying they were unaware of the incident and that Hamas was a terrorist organization that did not value truth, we had not made sufficient effort to seek corroborating evidence to justify reporting the Hamas claim. We apologize for this mistake”.

Although BBC apologized for airing Hamas propaganda this is not the first case that the British broadcaster has issued a mea culpa regarding its biased coverage on Israel-Arab conflict. In July 2023, BBC issued a statement walking back claims by its anchor Anjana Gadgil accusing the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of being “happy to kill children”.

Following October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel, BBC again apologized over its coverage, acknowledging that the broadcaster mishandled coverage of the explosion at the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, inappropriately speculating that the explosion could have been the result of an Israeli air strike. Speaking without evidence, BBC correspondent Jon Donnison said that the hospital explosion was likely caused by an Israeli strike.

Shortly thereafter, evidence emerged implicating a misfired rocket launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization.

With extremely alarming information of Hamas terrorists infiltrating within Western nations and European broadcasters and media outlets running vile propaganda against Israel and Jews, media reports say, Palestinian terrorist group Hamas spent tens of millions of dollars, which was intended for the Gaza Strip, building underground terrorist infrastructure.



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