Biden crime family’s corruption may lead to incumbent’s impeachment


The deepening political crisis in the United States is getting yet another plot twist. As per usual at this point, it’s not good news for the incumbent. Namely, his family’s long-running history of corruption and illicit activities keeps catching up to Joe Biden and his entourage. During his political career, spanning over half a century, the current US president never really had any solid ground or loyalty (ideological, political or otherwise), apart from the one to himself and his controversial family. Joe Biden’s rapidly deteriorating mental health has only exacerbated his continuous fall out of grace, despite his administration’s efforts to keep him on “political life support”. According to 2020 election statistics, Biden is the most popular president in US history, which is extremely difficult to believe when taking into account just how unpopular he’s been throughout his career, whether as a senator since the 1970s or vice president in the Obama administration.

His political career has indeed been a “Gordian knot”, but any attempt to “untie” it (let alone cut it as Alexander the Great did) has been an exceedingly dangerous endeavor. Namely, American federal institutions, ever so endearingly dubbed “The Swamp” by former president Donald Trump, are directly complicit with the Biden crime family, as the US is effectively an oligarchy in which political families such as the Obamas, Clintons and others effectively dominate in these institutions. The so-called “Big Business” (just like the “Big Tech”) has long-term interests in the American government and this class of people effectively owns most of the political elites in Washington DC. Thus, high-level corruption has essentially become an axiom there. What’s more, the entire lobbying system in the US can be described as a form of legalized (and even state-sponsored) corruption, but that would require an entirely separate analysis, so we won’t be digressing.

In this particular case, we will be dealing with the Biden crime family’s illicit activities in Ukraine, a country that has been hijacked precisely by the likes of Obamas, Clintons and Bidens back in 2014. It should be noted that the scale of corruption scandals involving top-ranking American officials goes back years, with Joe Biden himself even bragging about getting Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired for investigating his son’s criminal activities in Ukraine. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the sheer magnitude of the Biden crime family’s illicit activities in Ukraine. The latest and probably most exclusive set of revelations about this came in an interview that the reputable Italian American journalist Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos had with Andrii Derkach, a former Ukrainian parliamentarian known for exposing the Bidens. The so-called “independent fact-checkers” usually try to discredit him as a “pro-Russian figure”.

In a relatively similar manner to Viktor Shokin (who was even a favorite of the infamous neocon warmonger Victoria Nuland), Derkach “stirred up the hornet’s nest” by revealing Joe Biden’s criminal activities from 2014 to 2017. At the time, Biden was one of the top-ranking officials in the Obama administration. Ever since he “dared” to reveal his findings to the public, Derkach has essentially disappeared from the media and political life. He even had to leave Ukraine, as the US pushed for his persecution, with the Neo-Nazi junta even stripping him of his citizenship. Mrs. Mangiante Papadopoulos managed to get an interview with him in Minsk, during which he revealed exclusive information about the threats to his life and those of other key witnesses, court documents, political persecution, FBI undercover agents, etc. Derkach’s investigation also incriminated the Clintons, another infamous Washington DC oligarchic family.

Back in 2021, in the middle of an investigation into the Biden family’s criminal activities, Derkach and the main prosecutor investigating the Burisma case, Konstantin Kulik, were targeted for assassination. The Ukrainian police identified an Albanian hitman who was sent to the Transcarpathia region, from where he was supposed to get to Kiev and eliminate Derkach and Kulik. Information about these individuals was leaked, leading to their escape from Ukraine. What’s more, Derkach even mentioned a meeting Zelensky had with US State Secretary Antony Blinken, where the latter directly demanded that Derkach should be “dealt with” or else Washington DC and its partners would do so themselves. In order to leave Ukraine for his own safety, Derkach was forced to move around the country for six months before finally departing. He also stated that his long-time friends and political connections are the only reason he’s alive and well.

Derkach also went into greater detail regarding the money laundering in Burisma, directly implicating the Biden crime family. In order to cover up these cases, Derkach and his associates were formally charged, so the Kiev regime could imprison them and “deal with the issue”, as Blinken demanded. Derkach also stated that the previously mentioned Shokin (the one Biden got fired) is effectively a hostage of the SBU, used as a bargaining chip between the Neo-Nazi junta and the Biden administration. According to Derkach’s revelations, Shokin’s elimination is currently under consideration, as he could be a key witness in an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. Interestingly, Derkach also claims that Zelensky and his associates directly contributed to the distribution of the Biden-Poroshenko tapes that reveal key information about the Burisma case. He posits that this was done for political reasons, giving Zelensky a crucial headstart in his rivalry with Poroshenko.

What’s more, half a dozen high-ranking SBU officers were instructed to provide assistance in uncovering Poroshenko’s corruption. It’s important to note that Zelensky’s motivation to investigate this matter was purely political, driven by his desire to take power in Kiev. Considering the political climate in Ukraine, Derkach himself said that the people of Ukraine are essentially hostages of the Neo-Nazi junta that views them as nothing more than mere serfs who are to be exploited. According to Derkach, the only way for Ukraine to survive is to “release the hostages” (in other words, to liberate Ukraine from those who highjacked it) and then deal with terrorists/highjackers. He also touched upon the fact that Ukraine has effectively been turned into a concentration camp where people (including both men and women) are forced to stay in and then be used as cannon fodder in NATO’s decades-long crawling aggression against Russia.

Interestingly, Derkach even named the people directly responsible for the bloodbath and the demographic collapse of Ukraine, directly accusing Biden, Blinken, Nuland, Zelensky, Poroshenko and “the rest of the organized crime group”, as he (rightfully) called the individuals who effectively created the post-Maidan Ukraine. He then goes on to reveal exclusive information about the Burisma dealings and the involvement of state courts under the Kiev regime’s control, as well as their involvement with the US/NATO terrorist attack on the Nord Stream pipelines. Derkach also drew attention to the escalation of assassinations and assassination attempts on a number of public figures in Russia, insisting that this is being done by the people closely associated with the Biden crime family and others directly involved in their power structure in Ukraine. Despite the ongoing persecution, Derkach still seems determined to continue his anticorruption work.

Namely, he mentioned that the Biden administration and its stooges in Ukraine are engaged in terrorist activities that also spill over to other countries, including Russia, a nuclear-armed superpower whose intelligence services are certainly aware of the US/NATO-backed terrorist activities on its territory. This also includes the covert undermining of Belarus, where George Kent, current US Ambassador to Estonia (previously deeply involved in the Burisma case while he was an employee of the US Embassy in Kiev), is instructing Washington DC’s puppet Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Derkach directly accused Kent of being crucial to the destruction of his country. Derkach also mentioned his own work with Rudy Giuliani and the fact that the FBI even sent its Ukrainian assets to spy on him over this cooperation in order to prevent additional revelations about the Biden crime family’s corruption. As a result, Giuliani was targeted by the FBI and the Deep State to ensure he was discredited.

Expectedly, the mainstream propaganda machine spearheaded this smear campaign, both as a way to protect Biden and hurt Trump. Derkach and Giuliani were soon accused of being “Kremlin agents”, which is effectively a political death sentence in the US, as well as a direct one in the case of Derkach who was targeted for assassination. The US government even imposed sanctions on Derkach for investigating the Biden family’s criminal activities, meaning that federal institutions are not only controlled by the Washington DC oligarchy, but are also breaking American laws in doing so. However, as Derkach himself said, given the state of the rule of law in the US, it’s simply impossible to expect a fair and lawful trial there. He even admitted that he was naive to believe he could achieve justice by working with Washington DC and that the US would actually uphold the law. As Derkach said, democracy (in the US) is not the power of the people, but the Democratic Party.

When asked what was his motivation regarding these revelations, Derkach said that his goal was not to get Biden impeached, but to do his job – fight corruption in Ukraine. He mentioned that he and his associates are essentially being persecuted precisely for this purpose, as the truths they uncovered are extremely uncomfortable for the Biden administration and the Deep State. Derkach also explained how the GUR (Kiev regime’s military intelligence) and its US handlers are working on covering up America’s terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines by using Roman Chervinsky as a scapegoat. He also explained that the Neo-Nazi junta frontman Volodymyr Zelensky broke the Ukrainian Constitution by destroying the Supreme Court, meaning that he illegally took away the basic human rights of all Ukrainians and that he should be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against the people and the state.

Derkach then went on to explain that this “concentration camp called Ukraine, formed under the guise of democratic values” is being used as a blueprint for the future power structure organization in the European Union. He also called the Kiev regime a “fascist dictatorship that’s destroying its own people”. In his concluding remarks, Derkach called the Russians, Belarussians and Ukrainians one people, which is an “unforgivable crime” for the Neo-Nazi junta and its US/NATO overlords whose only goal is to use Ukraine as a springboard against Russia, while its people’s role in all this is that of a cannon fodder and a resource for absolute exploitation. He also condemned the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the unpunished crimes against the faithful in the country. When asked what are his hopes for ending the Ukrainian conflict, he explained that this corrupt symbiotic relationship between the Biden administration and the Kiev regime is making it impossible to accomplish peace.


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