Palestinian flag is the emblem unifying Islamic fundamentalism, fascism and rabid antisemitism


Since the atrocities by Hamas on 10 / 7, the pro-Palestinian mob have marched, protested, intimidated, screamed antisemitic slogans, blocked highways and byways and tried to stop ordinary folk buying goods at stores the mob deem to be pro-Israel. Children of primary school age are being indoctrinated and forced fed fascist ideology and hatred targeting Jews.  Such tactics and strategy have been supported indeed organized by those on the far left, the Muslim populous and those pretending to be pro-Palestinian but in reality, are simply Jew haters. Adding credibility to their insistence that they are not antisemitic are the subservient, sycophantic stooges born into Judaism but who are rabidly hostile to the Jewish State of Israel and who eagerly participate and unite with racist mob.

All rally behind the Palestinian flag, created in 1964 which is just a version of the Jordanian flag less the seven-sided white star. That flag was officially adopted in 1928 as the flag of the Arab revolt against the Ottomans. How ironic that Erdogan of Turkey supports those whose emblem signifies revulsion, detestation and hatred towards Turkey and its people. In the UK and elsewhere the Palestinian flag currently adorns houses, streets, bus stops, railway lines, telegraph poles, shop windows and shelters in areas where there is a predominantly Muslim population.

In truth the Palestinian flag is the emblem unifying Islamic fundamentalism, Palestinian fascism and rabid antisemitism. It mocks those who fought against Nazism; it mocks Judeo-Christian values; it mocks all those who served and are serving in the armed forces; it mocks our monarchy, Parliament and the British constitution. The Palestinian flag supports moral indecency and Islamic fundamentalism. How do I come to this conclusion? Here goes.

One only has to review and study the two Palestinian Charters to understand the ideology of the Palestinian agenda and strategy. Both the Palestinian National Council Charter of 1968 (updated from 1964) and the Palestinian Hamas Charter of 1988, command by Jihad, extermination of Jews and subservience to Islam or death of other religions, races and peoples. Those marching behind the flag identify with the tenets within the Palestinian Charters do they not?

In the 1968 Palestinian Charter which is frankly an incoherent ramble that could have been created be an acne ridden fifteen-year-old with pictures of Che Guevara adorning his ensuite, Articles 7 through to 11 command armed struggle by Jihad, victory via military revolution and absolute opposition to peace through diplomacy.

Articles 12 through to18 are devoted to the needs for Arab unity in order to achieve the elimination of the Jewish State. Paradoxically the Palestinians have done more to disrupt Arab unity than any other Arab demographic as history verifies. Just a few of many examples where Palestinian treachery and duplicity have totally disunited the Arab world are listed below.

In 1970 the Palestinians tried to overthrow the Jordanians who had previously supplied their every want. The Jordanians called in the help of the Pakistani military and in what became known as Black September, thousands on both sides were killed, the Jordanians eventually won thanks to the brilliance of the Pakistani Brigadier Zia al-Haq and kicked out the Palestinians to Lebanon. Dissatisfied with their Jordanian defeat the Palestinians thereafter tried to overthrow the Lebanese government who had taken them under their wing. In 1976 in a sleepy Lebanese Christian village, Damour, the Palestinian barbarism resulted in the deaths of hundreds of unarmed women, children and old people. Mutilated bodies, rape, necrophilia and unborn babies ripped from the wombs of their pregnant mothers.

Ring any bells?

Hamas learned how to inflict similar atrocities from the morally disgusting Palestinian Liberation Organization at Damour during their barbarism on 10 / 7. Unfortunately for the Palestinians, the Lebanese regrouped in time, fought back and defeated the PLO. Thousands of Palestinians left Lebanon and went to work in Kuwait.

Did the Palestinians learn from their attempts to overthrow the Jordanians and Lebanese? Of course not. The oil rich state was overly munificent to the Palestinians whose treachery was once again displayed when they supported the invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqi megalomaniac, Saddam Hussein. The Kuwaitis with US help defeated the Iraqis and the Palestinians were expelled.

Egypt and Syria have subsequently been at the receiving end of Palestinian treachery with Palestinians supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and anti-Assad forces in Syria. Thus, proof that the Palestinians historically have done exactly the opposite of what they demand of their Arab brothers according to their own charters. Geopolitically Arab disunity is currently in abundance and mainly thanks to the efforts of the Palestinians.

Article 24 and 27 of the 1968 Charter are the ultimate in Palestinian lies, totalitarianism and hypocrisy and expose how they mock all who have supported them politically and militarily.

“The Palestinians believe in the principles of justice, freedom, sovereignty, self-determination and human dignity ……”

“The Palestinians……..shall not interfere in the internal affairs of any Arab State”.

The Jordanians, Lebanese, Kuwaitis, Syrians and Egyptians mock the Palestinians spewing such vomit which UNWRA incidentally teach to children in the UN funded schools. Sunni Arab contempt for the Palestinians is comprehensive as shown by the distinct lack of support offered to them during this latest conflict with Israel.

The Hamas Charter of 1988 is simply textbook Nazism. Jew extermination, subservience to Islam or death of all other races and extermination of those assisting, for example, the mentally and physically disabled as per Articles 17, 22 and 28.

This form of Islamic Nazism has wide support in Western society, in universities, Trades Unions, Socialist political parties, the Green eco warriors, Scottish and Irish Nationalists and most of all the intellectually retarded. Joseph Goebbels the Nazi Minister of Information recognized that repetition of lies to intellectual imbeciles would achieve his agenda. The Jew hating mob as per the predictions of Goebbels and the Nazis of the 1930’s is alive and thriving in those countries whose nationals died fighting Nazism.

It is also alive in many Islamic countries whose populations have been fed on education curriculums identifying Israel as the enemy of Islam.

In all this the mainstream media especially the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera have facilitated and been complicit in promoting Palestinian propaganda.


  1. Fan of Peter Baum’s writing style. Each of his articles are well-researched and based on fact. My admiration goes to the Editor and entire team of this extremely courageous newspaper.

  2. Well-researched article. I am astonished reading this in a newspaper published from a Muslim-majority country. Kudos to the writer as well as entire team of this newspaper. every Jewish individual as well friends of Israel need to read this newspaper and share its contents on social media platforms so that more and more people can know how courageous the team of this newspaper are. G-d bless.

  3. Full credit must once again go to Peter Baum and his supportive team at BLITZ. He is clearly a quiet fighter who researches his facts before mouthing out lies and innuendos as does the BBC. Thank you Peter and I pray Hushem protects you from the ignorant who G-d forbid may try to silent you


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