BNP kingpin Tarique Rahman’s associate enjoys VIP treatment inside Bangladesh prison


Convicted terrorist and acting chairman of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Tarique Rahman’s business partner, special friend and custodian of his illegal fortune, Giasuddin Al-Mamun is enjoying VIP treatment inside Bangladesh prison by bribing authorities concerned.

According to Dhaka-based Channel-24, Giasuddin Al-Mamun is currently placed at cell number 15 at Shaikat Building at Kashimpur High-security Prison located in Gazipur district. On December 26, 2023 prison authorities provided hot water, freshly-cooked food as well as a few documents alongside a brown-color envelope during late hours, although it is totally illegal to unlock the prison cell during the night.

Colonel Sheikh Sujaur Rahman, MPH, Additional Inspector General of the Directorate of Prison in Bangladesh did not respond to our email inquiry on this matter.

Our own investigation into this matter has also found shocking information about Giasuddin Mamun buying similar illegal privileges by making arrangements with the prison authorities against hefty amounts of monthly payment. Each of the officials at prisons, including Senior Superintendent, Jailer, Subedars and senior guards are under his monthly payroll. Due to such arrangement, Giasuddin Mamun is allowed to keep multiple mobile phones and even i-Pad, through which he maintains regular communication with Tarique Rahman as well as several individuals abroad, including members of Dawood Ibrahim’s infamous D-Company.

It may be mentioned here that Giasuddin Al-Mamun has been custodian of Tarique Rahman’s dirty cash, a portion of which Mamun has invested in a number of business ventures in several Caribbean island nations through his daughter and her husband.

While since 2006, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)’s leader Tarique Rahman has been actively involved in drug trafficking by joining FBI wanted terror don Dawood Ibrahim’s infamous D-Company, where he has been mainly sending consignments of heroin and cocaine into Western countries, including the United Kingdom, since Tarique Rahman left Bangladesh in 2007 and subsequently landed in London and sought political asylum, he has been gradually expanding his “narco-jihad” and has added amphetamine in the list of drugs which began flooding the UK and other European nations since 2010.

In 2002, when the BNP-Jamaat coalition government was in power, Giasuddin Mamun and his business partner Tarique Rahman got connected to Mamta Kulkarni, a Bollywood star.

Mamta came into the spotlight when a Dubai-based newspaper spotted her in Dubai jail. Earlier reports about Mamta suggested that she had shifted to Dubai with her boyfriend and international drug kingpin Vijay ‘Vicky’ Goswami. In 1997, Vicky was arrested in Dubai for trafficking 11.5 tons of Mandrax and was sentenced for life for 25 years, as per Dubai laws.

Sitting in prison, at the directives of Tarique Rahman, Giasuddin Mamun has been maintaining connections and providing funds to imprisoned members of various militancy groups including Ansar Al Islam and been seeking their help in implementing terrorist plots inside Bangladesh as well as several locations in West Bengal.

It is also learnt, Mamun has been maintaining connections with representatives of Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company in Pakistan and Dubai as well as transnational money-laundering rackets.


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