Foreign intelligence report says, Bangladesh opposition heading towards extinction


A recent report of a foreign intelligence agency said Bangladesh’s main political opposition party is facing the possible risk of extinction as the top leadership of the party has been taking “suicidal” decisions by totally depending on a number of key figures in the Biden administration, including America’s First Son Hunter Biden.

The report says, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), which is considered to be heavily sympathetic to Lebanese Hezbollah alongside other Islamist terrorist groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PJI) and Afghan Taliban has been taking “extremely risky steps” being misinformed of Washington’s strategy where its own representatives on the United States have been continuously feeding BNP’s acting chairman Tarique Rahman with hope stating Hunter Biden has assured them that President Joe Biden would impose sanctions and take other punitive measures against Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, members of the cabinet, senior leaders of ruling Awami League, officials of the Election Commission as well as members of judiciary and law enforcement agencies if the next general election is not held under a neutral caretaker government.

The report said, during mid-November Tarique Rahman was informed by his representative in Washington DC that the US administration would “clearly warn ruling Awami League to refrain from holding the next general election without participation of BNP” and “for the sake of democracy BNP’s participation in the next general election is essential”.

According to the report, being instructed by Tarique Rahman BNP’s representatives in Washington DC Jon Danilowicz and its UK-based activist David Bergman have respectively told policymakers in Washington DC and London that the Western nations perception of BNP being sympathetic to Hezbollah or Hamas was a result of propaganda run by “Indian intelligence establishment and it’s loyal media outlets”. Danilowicz and Bergman provided documents centering Bangladesh’s information minister Dr Hasan Mahmud saying “BNP is facing orchestrated propaganda of being ultra-Islamist despite the fact, Organizing Secretary of Awami League and Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud is openly anti-Semite and favorable to Hamas”.

Biggest challenge Bangladesh Nationalist Party has been facing is it’s current image of being an ultra-Islamist and pro-jihad party, which are the biggest obstacles for it in getting into confidence of the Western policymakers.

The report further said, Biden administration has repeatedly asked BNP to participate in the upcoming general election under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As the message was conveyed to Tarique Rahman, he had asked his representative in Washington to convince Biden administration to exert pressure on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and reach into a deal where BNP would participate in the election once sentences of Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman are dismissed and both are made eligible to run in the election.

In response to this request, Washington has categorically said it won’t intervene into any legal issue. It suggested BNP to participate in the election without Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman and also said, it (BNP) can take steps in getting Khaleda Zia released from prison and Tarique Rahman return to Bangladesh once it wins and forms government.

This suggestion was “outrightly rejected” by Tarique Rahman and he ordered his party leaders including Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir to “launch massive demonstrations programs including blockades and strikes”. A desperate Tarique Rahman also contacted Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) requesting it’s assistance by supplying remote-controlled explosives. It was reported in the media that TTP’s bomb-making expert would enter Bangladesh either via Myanmar or Nepal.

The foreign intelligence report further said, “Bangladesh Nationalist Party may attempt terrorist attacks by using remote-controlled powerful explosive fitted in medium or large vehicles (including container carrier) during December 16 to the election day (January 7, 2024).


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